New Projects Are Kimcheelicious

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Each Monday, Kickstarter staff round up a few of our favorite, recently launched projects to share with you. This week we've got everything from fermented foodstuffs to country dancing and robotic operas — enough to keep you on your toes (or do-si-doing) 'til Friday.  Check them out, below!

FOOD: Kimcheelicious Puts a Korean Pickle on the American Table

Once I was in an Asian supermarket in New Jersey, and I stumbled across possibly the greatest invention of all time—a kimchee refrigerator. Looking at Tony Limuaco's Kimcheelicious project, I kinda wish I'd bought it. Tony's making an e-cookbook that'll take us to all the spicy, pickly corners of the kimchee universe, with how-tos and advice on everything from different kimchee-making methods to different ways to eat it and enjoy. If you can't be bothered to make it yourself (a shame), worry not! You can still back it for some kimchee seasoning and a couple varieties of Korean kimchee. Yum. — Nicole H.

THEATER: The Seed, A Robotic Multimedia Opera Based On Oedipus, by Edozie Edoga

It's not every day that someone writes an opera. Nor that someone recited the Oedipus cycle. But what does happen everyday? People make robots. Oddly enough, all of these things have come together, thanks to Edozie Edoga, a composer and robotics teacher who has programmed robots to perform the Oedipus Cycle in a new, immersive space on the physical and digital landscape. This modular multimedia space, known as the Seed, is set to travel the country, so that all can see robo-Oedipus in its prime. — Mike M.

FILM: Dance Like No One's Watching, by Jen Garrison

Jenn Garrison was writing a feature film script set in a gay country western bar in her home state of Texas, when she discovered that, lo and behold, the fictional world she was busy inventing actually existed! “The International Association of Gay/Lesbian Country Western Dance Clubs” known as, "IGGLE WIGGLE" by its members, is an active community of country western dancers who prefer to boot scoot with members of the same sex. Filled with talented, passionate performers, the IAGLCWDC gives its dancers the space to do what they love while feeling comfortable and supported. — Meaghan O. 

PUBLISHING: Fiction River, An Original Fiction Anthology Series, by Dean Wesley Smith

I like anthologies. They can be read in short bursts, which is ideal for commuting, they're engaging and varied, and you can pick them up literally anywhere — honestly, they seem to be read and abandoned at airports and used bookstores the world over. Which brings me to another point: the other great thing about anthologies is when they're super local. They can expose you to the rich array of voices and ideas in a community, providing a sense of meaningful insight into a place you may never have thought you'd cross paths with. Such is my hope for Fiction River! But no matter the stories contained within, if they have even an ounce of the charm on display by the dynamic duo that are publishing it, I'm in for a good time. Can't wait! — Cassie M. 

GAMES: Knock-knock, by Ice-Pick Lodge

I love anything with a good story, and the video game Knock-knock kind of takes the cake. It claims to be the creative product of an anonymous letter, containing only a mysterious set of files and instructions to make an "unconventional game" out of them: "...surface examination did not reveal anything straightforwardly terrifying, yet we could not escape the feeling that something truly sinister was lurking underneath." Intriguing. A game begun by a stranger, to be finished by  an ambitious few, and containing all matter of seriously scary characters, along with experimental and outrageous plot twists. The basic premise is a forest-dwelling hermit whose house is approached by strangers in the night, each inviting him to participate in a game of hide-and-seek, while secretly trying to steal his sanity. The objective? To stay alive. Yessss.  — Cassie M. 

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