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New Projects Are Infinite Greatness

Wow, you guys are sure keeping us busy! Not that we’re complaining — we love coming in on a Monday morning to find scores of newly launched projects to peruse. There is so much fresh, exciting stuff that we can’t wait to share. Check out a collection of our favorites from this week, below, and make sure to mosey on over to our Discover page to find even more for yourself. Enjoy!

CIRCUS Voyage: The Blogger’s Bookazine — by, Josef Mayerhofer

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Love the niche insights of avant-garde journalist bloggers as well as the smell of a freshly printed page? So do the folks behind CIRCUS, the ultimate clash between online and print. They dub their coffee-table mag a “bloggers’ bookazine,” in which international writers contribute bi-annually to each new monothematic issue through text (written in their mother tongue), photos, and illustrations. Issue #1, Fashion, was met with accolades and collaboration interest from all over the world. CIRCUS #2, Voyage, will be a wild trip into foreign countries, past adventures, exciting cultures, and alternative lifestyles, and you can grab yourself a copy for $24 here. — Daniella J.

Lies Grown-Ups Told Me — by, Nomi Kane

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A trio of students at the Center for Cartoon Studies have come up with a brilliant premise for their new comics anthology, “Lies Grown-Ups Told me.” It’s a collection of short comics dealing with the half-truths and false information grown-ups made us believe as children. Does gum really live in your body for seven years if you swallow it? And will the pool turn green if you pee in it? Check out the pitch video (filmed on location at a pajama party!) and learn more about hilarious grown-up myths in need of some serious busting. — Cindy A.

Daniel Johnston’s “Infinite Comic Book of Musical Greatness” — by, Daniel Johnston

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While Daniel Johnston’s illustrations have graced album covers, t-shirts (even Kurt Cobain’s t-shirts), famous walls in his home of Austin, TX and various other works, never have they been displayed in the form for which Daniel may have intended them. After decades of drawing comics, Daniel is now assembling them in the “Infinite Comic Book of Musical Greatness,” a physical and digital comic which combines Daniel’s art with his music for a truly infinite experience. —Mike M.

The Nature of Code — by, Daniel Shiffman

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The Nature of Code Book project is a book about applying topics from mathematics, physics, and generative algorithms to computational systems. I don’t know what any of those words mean, but I really love Dan Shiffman’s project. Dan is a (super-charming and sincere!) teacher here in town at NYU, and he’s been meaning to write this book for two years. He talks about more traditional book-writin’ experiences he’s had, and why this time around he wants to have all the control — to be able to do anything he wants, like put the book online for free or release the chapter drafts as PDFs as he completes them (his first reward tier!). — Meaghan O.