New Projects Are FRANKly Amazing

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Every Monday, Kickstarter staff collect a few of our favorite, recently launched projects to share with the masses (we can't help it — we get excited!). You can check out our choices this week, below, but make sure to stop by our Discover page to find even more. So many good projects, so little time!

BOY: the American Release, by Taika Waititi

New Zealand's biggest, baddest, most-loved film of all time ever is making it's way to the States. And they just need a wee bit of money to get here and share it with us. Inspired by his Oscar-nominated short, writer/director Taika Waititi offers a charmingly wild coming-of-age tale "where everybody has some coming of age to do." A wild success full of sincerity and light, this is the feel-good film that makes you actually feel good about use of the phrase "feel-good." 2007's Eagle Vs. Shark and a number of Flight of the Conchords episodes were written and directed by this much-beloved 'Zealander. For those of you already in the know on those: hooray, right?! And for those of you just discovering: hooray for you, too. — Elisabeth H. 

TOC Guide to SF, by Shan Wang

We've all had the experience of wandering around a new city, huge guidebook in one hand, smartphone with apps in the other but still being unsure of where to go or what to do. TOC wants to change that with their guide to San Francisco, which is edited to only have the best restaurants, secret bars, the best view in the entire bay area, underground dinner clubs, and more. They're using waterproof, untearable paper and a crazily easy folding method that defeats all of those flimsy, horrible maps you're used to. On top of that, backs get access to the Twitter Concierge, who can help with anything from reservations to recommendations. Fancy! — Nicole H.

Love Ever After, by Lauren Fleishman

When professional photographer Lauren Fleishman found an old love letter her grandfather sent her grandmother during World War II, she got to thinking about love and aging and people who have lived their entire lives together. She spent three years  interviewing and photographing couples around New York who have been together for at least 50 years. The images have been in magazines all around the world, but Lauren has taken to Kickstarter to publish all of the stories and photos in one book, Love Ever After. — Meaghan O.

Drawing of the Day Exhibition, by Daniel Horowitz 

I like Daniel's project because I like his drawings (duh!), but also because I enjoy the idea that fuels it: any of us can make something into a project. Wake up and draw something every day, take a photo in the same spot every day for a month, do something (anything!) and see what it turns into (or doesn't, no big deal). I think it's great and important to always be making and thinking about things, even if you're not sure with what purpose when you start. And I like how Daniel's project sort of embodies that ethos. Hooray! — Cassie M. 

Frank, by David Barry

If you are like me, the idea of hanging anything in your apartment is a monumental feat that takes a few hundred trojan warriors, a team of engineers and a whole lot of motivation. Usually, I have none of these things, which is why the idea of FRANK seems really appealing. It's like, "Dude, all you need to do is screw these little bunny ears into the wall and you don't have to leave your shirts on that chair anymore. They can hang! from the wall!" Such a novel concept, I had to get a few, so I never have to hang a jacket or a shirt from the back of a chair ever again. — Mike M. 

The Departure Game App, by Jesse Kuhn

Ahh, I love everything about this game! The pudgy little explorer, riding astride his equally as rotund red balloon! The beautiful, retro illustrations! The jumping adventure-ness of it all! This delightful app will send its chubby protagonist into the sky, hopping from balloon to balloon, fighting bad guys all the way, as he leaps to his new home in outer space. Seriously, this is igniting every pleasure receptor in my choose-your-own-adventure loving gamebrain right now. Checking out creator Jesse Kuhn's amazing art is also a requirement — do it now now now. O, Joy!!! — Cassie M. 

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