New Projects Are Eating Eggs in 3D

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Every week, Kickstarter staff collect a few of our favorite, recently launched projects to share with the masses (we can't help it — we get excited!). You can check out our choices this week, below, but make sure to stop by our Discover page to find even more. So many good projects, so little time!

Old People Eating Eggs in 3D, by Single Serving Films

Ok, this one is all in the title: Old People Eating Eggs in 3D. It is not a Bruckheimer CGI Epic, rather an honest, straight forward video that does one thing really well — in this case — showcasing Old People Eating Eggs in 3D. A quirky little project birthed out of a real life experience at an IHOP. Let's be real, people, Old People Eating Eggs in 2D isn't anything that anyone wants to watch. Kick that scenario up to 3D, and you've got something special. Boom. — Mike M. 

Masala Food Cart, by Theo

If/when this food cart gets funded, I will go to Missoula just to eat from it. This I swear. I don't know what won me over first: watching Theo mix and then hand-pound spices, the idyllic shots of farmland where (presumably) the ingredients I would be eating will be grown, the four tier Tiffin box that is thrown in for higher pledge levels, or, well, just the entire ethos and general approach. Theo's food cart will emphasize the locality of its food, featuring two maps that spotlight what regions the recipes originated from, and all parts of the animal will be on offer, seasoned and grilled up nicely. YUM! In summary, the man wants to make "fresh, vibrant, spicy foods" at a decent price — there is literally no way this could not win my heart. — Cassie M. 

MAN vs. GEORGE: Modern designs with a flipside surprise! by, Ryan & Tilney Fitzpatrick

I like sending mail, I like giving gifts, and I like leaving thoughtful somethings for people I care about in order to make them smile. The problem? I often hate "greeting cards" because they either too expensive (eep!) or too cutesey for me to stomach. Man vs. George occupies a happy middle-ground. They're designs are just precious enough, I love that they occupy both sides of the card while still leaving room for me to write my own message, and they definitely won't break the bank. If cards aren't your thing, a $5 pledge gets you a limited-edition Kickstarter mini-print. Heck, even if card are your thing, I'd still kinda want that...— Cassie M. 

Disposable stories: disposable cameras around the world, by Alexis Kovalenko 

Last year, Alexis Kovalenko gave ten disposable cameras to ten travelers in Paris and set them loose in the world. Each of these people took five photos, and then passed the camera on to a new person to take the next five photos in a different location. The last person to get the camera and take five photos then sent it back, and the photos were published on Alexis' website. The results of this experiment were so amazing that he's set out to do it again, this time on a bigger scale on Kickstarter. Backing this project allows you to be one of the first links in the chains with a brand new disposable camera to pass on to the next person. If you needed an excuse to take a trip somewhere, here it is! — Nicole H. 

Wobble Bowls, by Speechless Studios

I don't know how to put this, but I need Wobble Bowls. Not want. Need.  As a person who has managed to spill every possible anything on every article of whatever it is that I own, I am in desperate need of an unspillable set of dishware. This would solve so many kinds of problems for me, namely my propensity to self-humiliation. Plus, I'll admit they are adorable and come in an array of highly appealing colors. I'm imagining this as the first crucial step to "real adulthood." (Nevermind that they were playfully designed with children's toys in mind, that part can be our little secret.) — Cassie M. 

Other Travel Project, by Other Travel Project

Hayden Dunham and Meriem Bennani are collaborating to create what might be one of the coolest art "installations"/experiences of all time. They begin by inviting a carefully selected roster of artists and writers to participate to a specific place in New York City, where the delivery of a mysterious package will take place. (You can watch the video of the first delivery here.) The creative component begins when the artist or writer chooses to produce a piece in response to the gift received. It's fantastical, imaginative, collaborative, surprising... everything I love. Can't wait to see what gets made! — Cassie M. 

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