New Projects Are Dressed In Tiny Skirts

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Every week, Kickstarter staff collect a few of our favorite, recently launched projects to share with all of you! These are projects that make us go "Whaaat" and "Whoaaa" in the best ways possible. This week we've got some whimsy, wordplay, and dancing squirrels. Read on!

PHOTOGRAPHY: United Bamboo 2012 Cat Calendar

Is there any project more made for the internet than this one? United Bamboo is a fashion brand that not only makes fancy clothing for humans, but also puts out a calendar every year with mini versions of their collection, modeled by cats. You don't need me to tell you that the Japanese-subtitled video is squeal-inducing in the best of ways: there's a well-coiffed man and a dozen surprisingly calm kitties dressed to the nines, aloof to the flash photography. Can't commit to twelve cats? You can still get the 2013 Kickstarter-exclusive poster for $10.

BOARD & CARD GAMES: GLYPHiTS: Magnetic Pictures with Linguistic Potential

GLYPHiTS isn't your regular game: there are no rules. But that doesn't mean it won't tickle your brain—GLYPHiTS are hand-drawn magnets that can be used to create messages and linguistic puzzles. For example, a picture of a female sheep, or a ewe, can be a substitute for the word "you," or an "r" magnet can be added to a picture of ice to get "rice." The possibilities are endless, really. Just imagine the kind of cryptic messages you can leave for your loved ones on the fridge every morning!

PAINTING: Sketchtravel Museum Project

Sketchtravel started out simple: in 2006, one sketchbook was passed between artists, each person doing one page. It quickly grew to something more than that, as it traveled more than 75 thousand miles around the world to connect 71 internationally acclaimed artists. The sketchbook is now traveling again as a museum show, and so Sketchtravel is raising funds for a 70 piece exhibit at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco from September 2012 through February 2013. The whole thing is pretty much the definition of a collaborative art project, which is sweet!

ART: RUCKUS NYC: A Conference & Concert on Art & the Web

RUCKUS NYC is a one-day conference and concert on art and the web happening September 29th, featuring a mix of panel discussions about big topics, and shorter talks by individual artists. Artists will present their work and talk about how they get their creativity online during the day, and at night, there'll be a crazy concert with chamber music, animated films, rock bands, dancers and digital projections and more. The RUCKUS NYC project also employs probably the greatest example of the under(over?)used video artform: the infomercial. You'll want to check it out, trust us.

ANIMATION: Central Park Tale

A new twist on the classic West Side Story, you ask? It's probably safe to say that it's never been done like this before, featuring dance and voices from top urban and hip hop artists and set against the backdrop of a squirrel turf battle in New York's Central Park. Oh, and it's being made by the Animation Director of Happy Feet and the Choreographer of Step Up. The idea is to preserve the edginess of the original story, tackling complex and dark themes, while still making an animation that kids and parents alike can enjoy. We're looking forward to seeing some intense squirrel hip hop moves. 

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