New Projects Are A Laugh Riot

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Every Monday, Kickstarter staff collect a few of our favorite, recently launched projects to share with the masses (we can't help it — we get excited!). You can check out our choices this week, below, but make sure to stop by our Discover page to find even more. So many good projects, so little time!

The Last Stand Comedy Festival, by John Morris Ross IV

Where's Chico, CA? Who knows. Does it need a comedy venue? Certainly! Where else would Chiconians go for a laugh? With John Morris Ross IV at the helm, the Chico Center for Comedy (officially called the Last Stand Comedy Venue) will open its doors in just about a month to all who love to stop drop and roll in the name of jokes. John just needs a few more pennies to get a stage for the jokesters and some seats for the fans. And remember: there's no two-drink minimum. — Daniella J.

RIOT — LA'S Alternative Comedy Festival, by Abbey Londer

What if laughing was illegal? For instance, your walking down the street and you see someone step in dog poop and you laugh. And then, the next thing you know, your being hauled off to the big house. Living in a world like that would suck. And yet, from the gist of this project video, Los Angeles may be such a place? No fear, as a slew of comedians, including Bob Oderkirk, Patton Oswalt, and, like, every funny person from Party Down, is working hard to bring Riot, an alternative comedy festival to Los Angeles. Seeing as how the Eugene Mirman Comedy Fest enjoyed such success on the East Coast, we're gonna be bi-coastal and say that, Yes, we think this is a good idea, and Yes, Los Angeles deserves a comedy fest. So, let's make it happen! — Mike M. 

The City Troll, by Aaron Whitaker

Aaron Whitaker's work falls under the fruitful genre of "graphic novelist with killer beard who's making a comic about a a guy who hates himself." My favorite genre! The City Troll is named after the alter ego of the main character, Paul (with the aforementioned self-esteem issue), who, when faced with his undying love for a cartoon lady named Emily, imagines himself to be a sad troll made of black ooze (been there!). The comic features an abusive mother, a perfect foil of a best friend, the best of all triangles (the love triangle), and, of course, "cartoon boobs and peen." We're in! — Meaghan O. 

TIER Luxury Cakes by, Ashlee Perkins

Food television is at its most thrilling with those intense cake competition shows, where professionals make beautiful sculpted cakes in the shape of anything from landmarks to animals to your grandma's face. Ashlee Perkins is an up-and-coming name in the cake design industry, having appeared in her share of cake television. Now she wants to get TIER Luxury Cakes up and running so that the people of Savannah can enjoy these insane creations. Seriously, look at them! — Nicole H. 

Gypsy Donut and Espresso Bar, by David Schloss

To be honest, it wasn't Gypsy Donut's superior, made-from-scratch quality and awesome flavor combinations (Cookies 'n' Cream, Graham Cracker, etc) that first made me love them. It was casually browsing their website, and finding cute videos like the series asking strangers on the street "What donut would you want?" and the Suggest A Donut page. My dream donut of choice? Root Beer Float. Or good ol' PB&J. I love seeing a place where I can get behind their ethics (fair trade coffee, locally-sourced ingredients), their attitude (they just seem like rad dudes!), and their product. Because who has ever turned down a donut!!?!?! Hooray! — Cassie M. 

Bee The Keepers by, The Beekeepers

One crisp winter-to-spring night a couple years back, I found myself under a star-filled sky, biking through a mossy New Hampshire cemetery with my then-recent boyfriend, he on his mother's rusty Schwinn, me knees to chest on his childhood cruiser. We veered up toward the warm lights we could see glowing from the inside of the small stone and wood church at the top of the hill. He hoisted my feet up on his hands so I could peek through the window as we listened to the faint folk melodies of upright bass, lady guitar, and pitch perfect harmonies coming from within. We entered silently, sat in the back row, and held hands as Annie and the Beekeepers played the most romantic show we had or ever will happen upon. During the last song we exchanged I love you's for the first time. After the concert we happened to pop into that one empty end-of-the-town bar where Annie and her Beekeepers happened to be hanging. They invited us to come sit, and after about twenty minutes we realized we had a best friend in common, sent him a photo of us all hugging together, and have been buds ever since. Listening to Annie is a little like all of that, all the time. — Elisabeth H.