New Project Roundup

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The site has been getting flooded with amazing projects recently, so Cassie and I thought we’d run through some of our recent faves:

James Kochalka + Pixeljam = Glorkian Warrior: A comic artist and a beloved retro gaming team collaborate on a creative new 2D game. The project got off to a fast start (even Adult Swim has been promoting it!), and we’re hoping it continues.

Scrapbook of Many Authors: When it comes to interactive art projects, no one can touch the prolific Gaily, who previously launched Send a Postcard, Get a Postcard and 100 Self Portraits. In this latest effort, $1 earns a contribution to a group scrapbook. Easy, affordable, and fun!

Brooklyn Soda Works: Caroline and Antonio are crafting unique, artisanal sodas from all-natural ingredients. Our favorites so far are Maple-Bacon and Glögg (really, we’re not making this up).

Everglades Multi-Media Art Book: Jules Jones spent last year as the Artist in Residence at Everglades National Park (how cool that such a thing exists!), and his project will turn his work into a collection. His artwork — which you can view in his project video or on his website — is amazing. Here’s a great example:

For $50 (I backed it) backers get a copy of the final book and an audio CD of Everglades field recordings.

Feiffer Dancer Films: Feiffer Dancer Films are turning the cartoons of legendary artist Jules Feiffer into interpretative dance pieces. The resulting short films will be free, but you can pledge for fun stuff like ice cream and a coffee date with the producers.

Ladies Rooms Around the World: Maxi Cohen has spent over three decades traveling and documenting women’s restrooms around the world. Her photographs and films cover everything from a Miami hotel bathroom in 1972 to a modern-day discoteca in Brazil. Truly arresting material. 

Here’s an example of a past work of hers that we loved:

Release the Next Inpassing Album: We’re always happy to come across a creatively constructed music project, and the Inpassing’s is definitely that. Though the goal is simple — make a record — they did a great job with their video, and the rewards are great. An example:

Well-priced, creative, and really fun for their fans. Nicely done!