New Features: Media Editing and Info Requests

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We’ve released another bundle of fixes and updates, with two notable changes for project creators.

Media editing.  You can now replace your project’s photo or video at any time by going to “Edit Project” from the Dashboard. Previously, creators could only edit images/video before a project launched.

Collecting backer information.  Many projects require collecting some additional information from backers — shipping addresses, email, shirt size, and so on.  In the past, this was done manually (and painfully) with a mass email.

Now, once your project’s successful, you can create a survey to collect the information you need from backers to fulfill their rewards.  After filling out the form (see below) and sending the request, backers will get an email notice that they need to fill out some info to get their rewards.

As they fill out their info, you’ll see their changes updated in the Backer Report.  All the information can be downloaded as a CSV spreadsheet, suitable for Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheets.

For popular projects with hundreds of backers, this makes fulfilling rewards much more palatable. Let us know what you think or how it can be improved.