New Discover Projects Page

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Kickstarter has grown dramatically over our first five months, with more and more projects showing up every day. We’re up to more than 800 launched — so many that our browse page has been bursting at the seams. Too many great projects and not enough ways to find them.

Today we addressed that with a new Discover Projects page that allows you to browse by:

Tags: The top ten most-populated tags. This has long been among our most-requested features.

Project State: Want to see only successfully funded projects? Want to see only projects that are currently raising money? You can now do that.

Ending Soon: See which projects are coming down to the wire.

Those are the primary additions, and you can use those to drill down into all projects, Recommended projects, and projects that show up on Popular. So if, for example, you wanted to see all photography projects that are ending soon, you could drill down to that exact filter.

We’ve also changed the way we handle recommendations — now once a project has been flagged as recommended, it stays that way. You can browse every project we’ve ever recommended by simply paging through the list, which is nearly 100 projects long. Also note that you can now browse popularity by week, month, and all-time.

Anyway, take a spin around the page, and please share your feedback in the comments. Thanks everybody.