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Mysterious Letters' Mysterious Package

Yesterday I received stuffed-full envelope from Lenka and Michael of Mysterious Letters, the project that sent a personal letter to every person in a small Irish village earlier this year and 600+ letters to a neighborhood in Pittsburgh last month. Here’s what I found inside.

Here’s what the text says:

We thought you might like an update. I will attribute each quote to an artifact (see [previous image]) for anonymity.

1) “Now I know the names of 5 neighbors I hadn’t met before”

2) “I asked everyone in the street if they got a letter”

3) “it worked like a charm”

4) “I was afraid to be at home”

5) “You have failed at art + life in general”

6) “I will keep my letter forever”

7) “it was dirty”

8) Posters have been put up in Polish Hill that read: “don’t worry, it was an art project”

9) “I hope you get bombed by the IRA”

10) “If you would like to make a complaint contact…” [name of main Pittsburgh post office]

11) “Brilliant!”

A really big map!

Absolutely amazing. A huge thank you to Lenka and Michael. We will hang the map of Polish Hill in the Kickstarter offices with pride!