Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art Fest 2015

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Every spring the Society of Illustrators hosts the MoCCA Arts Festival in New York City, a weekend-long celebration of comic and cartoon art. This year the event takes place April 11-12 at Center 548, and many Kickstarter creators will be on hand exhibiting their work. Here are just a few.


Arielle Jovellanos and Janet Sung met in college, fell in love with self-publishing illustrated material, and have been doing so ever since. They're in the midst of running a project for LADIES OF LITERATURE: VOLUME 2, an art anthology featuring 100+ artists. The book is about women and their stories, and drives home the fact that these stories are important and worth sharing. It just so happens to do so in a visually outstanding way.

Counter Attack!

Fidget and Moe are two cats from the streets of Brooklyn, and they've been immortalized in a comic series called Counter Attack! by Alisa Harris. The series chronicles the (mis?)adventures of Fidget and Moe, and all of the funny, annoying, and cute things these felines get into.

A Stray in the Woods

Another feline-inclined creator is Alison Wilgus, who created A Stray in the Woods. This project began as an interactive webcomic, running from September 2012 to May of 2013. Readers could submit suggestions after each strip, and Wilgus would choose a direction for the story from there. Shortly after the project ended, Wilgus printed a full-color 250 page book version.

Wilgus and Harris will actually be exhibiting together at MoCCA, and they made this handy map to help you find them.

Last Gasp Books

Unusual books and comics often have a hard time getting published. That's where independent publishers like Last Gasp come in. From an adult coloring book to psychedelic art books to a vandalism starter kit, the body of work that Last Gasp has published and distributed is incredibly diverse and creative.

The Consumptive

Illustrator Jamie Tanner is a repeat creator and – full disclosure – works in comics here at Kickstarter. Tanner will be at MoCCA exhibiting his most recent project, The Consumptive, a one-man mini-comic anthology. But, he's also on hand and happy to answer any Kickstarter question you may have! (We checked.)


The full list of exhibitors is available here, and it includes many of our favorite Kickstarter-funded artists and projects, such as:

    1. J.T. Yost on

      Thanks for the shout-out! Birdcage Bottom Books will have another Kickstarter-funded book ("Digestate: a food & eating themed anthology") on hand in addition to the "Cringe" anthology.

    2. Javier Cruz Winnik

      This is a pretty amazing list! I'm actually a successfully kickstarter campaigner and will have my book, "A Reason to Smile!" On hand as well!

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