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Monday, Monday!

Hooray, it’s Monday! And even though we’re still recovering from Halloween, that won’t stop us from enjoying the landslide of awesome projects that launched over the weekend. Here’s a round-up of our favorite post-holiday projects to help ease you back into the work week. Enjoy!

LEMNISCATE - A Metaphysical Examination of Time through Film

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Forrest McClain’s been working in experimental film for years, and his latest project will explore the ever-present, always-perplexing theme of time. (You may have written a paper or two about the mind-bending concept if you succumbed to an arts education.) The story follows a young woman who personifies time itself, representing the past, present, and future. Earth and Self also get a moment in the spotlight as characters who guide Time. This won’t be just a straight-up film; Forrest will be looping scenes non-chronologically and turning the piece into an installation. Supposedly an audience member should be able to walk up to the work at any point and still experience a complete film. Sounds like warped film-art fun to me. - Daniella J.

Adventures in Being (small) — by Sandrine Schaefer

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Conceptual artist Sandrine Schaefer began exploring her body’s relationship to its physical environment after she purposefully lost a significant amount of weight last year, culminating in a series of portraits depicting her efforts. Although her motivations were highly personal, Sandrine’s endeavor speaks to the sometimes challenging relationship between human beings and their perpetually changing environment. It’s fascinating to watch Sandrine fit herself into unusual spaces — from desk drawers, to dryers, to sculptures in Shanghai —  and for a $25 pledge, she’ll cram herself into the place of your choosing. *Inappropriate puns politely withheld.* - Cassie M. 

Hadean Lands: Interactive Fiction for the iPhone — by Andrew Plotkin

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With text-based interaction more popular than ever, veteran text adventure and interactive fiction writer Andrew Plotkin figured it was time to give these classic forms a major reboot. He’s creating a new full-length adventure game for the iPhone called “Hadean Lands.” The story takes place on a spaceship, hilariously named the “Unanswerable Retort,” and alchemy is what you’ll use to save the ship from imminent disaster. The game will feature classic puzzles, a clever storyline, and great design. I can’t wait to dust off my old retort, calcinator, and alembic and see what’s in store! - Cindy A.

Bayou Maharajah: The Life and Music of James Booker — by Lily Keber 

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Lily Keber’s documentary Bayou Maharajah: the Life and Music of James Booker tracks the illustrious, though little known, career of “the greatest piano player out of New Orleans in the 20th century.”  The legend, often called the “Ivory Emperor”, was known as much for being a gay, heroin-addicted man with one eye as he was for playing with the likes of Dr. John, Alan Toussaint, George Winston, Harry Connick Sr., and Charles Neville, all of whom appear in the film.  As a fan of New Orleans jazz and funk, and former resident of city, I was completely blown away by the fact that I’d never even heard of James Booker, yet, somehow, his musical influence seemed to touch every artist I loved from the city. Fans of unknown musical history and digging in the crates for records should find something to love in this documentary. - Michael M.