Mmm...Kickstarter Rewards.

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In what is probably the most clever bit of reward marketing/fundraising we’ve seen yet, the crew behind documentary film project “La Casa del Ritmo” have teamed up with the NYC-based Venezuelan restaurant Caracas to create a limited-edition arepa with all proceeds going toward their Kickstarter goal. This is both inspired AND delicious:

Arepa Guaguanco
Slow roasted pork shoulder, pico de gallo
and deep-fried sweet plantains.

And in a moment of true Kickstarter serendipity, this special menu addition was spotted by formerly successful and currently funding Kickstarter project creator, Kill Screen Magazine. It is a Kickstarter world after all!

If you’re not close enough to indulge in some limited-edition Kickstarter grub, pop on over to their project page, where there are still plenty of cool goodies to be had!