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Minecraftian Delights


The excellent Minecraft documentary project by 2 Player Productions may be ending soon (less than three days left!), but that hasn’t stopped them from cranking out some killer updates and reward previews. The extent to which they’ve tapped into the passionately obsessive mind of the Minecraft player is downright evil, and with these recent mock-ups of what final rewards will look like, they’ve quite simply crossed a line.

For new and existing backers, you’re faced with a Sisyphean task of trying to choose between the following:

Exhibit A. The Minecraft DVD, a special backer-edition 2-disc set with sweet pixels of cover art and your name in the credits.

Exhibit B. The Creeper wind-up toy, a tantalizing knick-knack you can send creeping across your desk on dubious missions that may or may not portend the destruction of your co-workers.

Exhibit C. The Custom Minecraft Poster, because you want to go to there. Also, some will be signed by Notch. Faint/dying.

Exhibit D. The Box Pig Bank is what piggy banks look like in a world governed by right angles.

Exhibit E. The Pickaxe Plaque, also known as the only time in your life you will be able to have a Real Pickaxe on a plaque signed by the entire staff at Mojang. You will also officially become the coolest person you know for the next 3-5 years, possibly more.

The Minecraft rewards are a force to be reckoned with. Consider yourself warned!


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