Meet the Team: Victoria and Alfie

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We thought it would be nice to introduce ourselves. Every so often, a couple members of the Kickstarter team will be saying hello, and picking out a few projects — past or present, successful or not — that they're especially fond of. (They will also be posing for GIFs. The GIFs are mandatory.)

This week, meet Victoria and Alfie:

Victoria Rogers

Job: "I work on developing our relationships with local creative communities — right now I'm working with a lot of amazing people in New Orleans." (As you can see, Victoria also really lit up our Halloween party.)

  • Vari-Colored Songs: A Tribute to Langston Hughes Album — "New Orleans-based musician Leyla McCalla creates her first solo record, Vari-Colored Songs. Her voice is straight from the depths of the bayou on a warm summer day. Take a listen!"
  • Nails In The Key Of Life: A Mobile Nail Salon — "Artist Breanne Trammell converts a canned ham trailer into a mobile nail salon, and takes it across America. The manicures are awesome: bright, beautiful, and at times a bit crazy. For me, the best part of the project is that the manicures themselves are only part of the story; each manicure is an opportunity for a new connection and exchange of ideas between Breanne and her clients."
  • The Potter and the RAM — "Susannah Tisue makes porcelain tableware in her studio in Brooklyn, illustrated with wild animals. She creates enchantingly honest, simple, beautiful bowls. Each piece is handmade and screen-printed, and the original drawings are adorable. I have the rabbit and duck bowls and am hoping to collect some more!"
  • Remember Me Sue: The Documentary on Sue Duncan — "Melina Kolb shares the incredible story of the Sue Duncan Children's Center, and the indomitable force behind it, Sue Duncan. I had the chance to volunteer at the center growing up in Chicago, and it absolutely changed my life. Sue gave me the opportunity to launch an art class at the center, and exposed me to the potential for creativity to create change."

 Alfie Palao

Job: "Yo! I answer any questions that come in from project creators and/or backers. I also sit across from Jes."

  • MODERN RUIN: A World's Fair Pavilion — "The pavilion is a huge landmark in Queens, where I'm from (shoutout to the Grand Central Parkway). I have a childhood memory of going skating around here when i was a kid and just being in awe of this massive and strange looking ... thing ("what the hell is that?"). It wasn't until much later on (junior high school, maybe?) that i learned a bit more about the 1964 World's Fair. Matthew Silva has taken this curiosity that a lot of us have had about this building, the World's Fair, and more, and is working on a documentary/tribute to it. Moreover, he's a co-founder of the People For The Pavilion, who have made incredible strides towards saving and restoring the pavilion from its current state of (beautiful) decay. It's quite notable that, though he's a first time filmmaker, the rough cut I've seen of Modern Ruin so far looks incredible."
  • Out Of My Hand: A Narrative Feature — "I was pretty shocked to hear my good friend Mike was heading to Africa to film a movie with his buddy Takeshi. They shot a large portion of this film in Liberia, and wanted to highlight a life outside of the civil wars that have haunted public perception for quite some time. The results are kind of like going to see your friend's band play (friend rock) and being laid to complete sonic waste. A pleasant surprise! No offense, Mike. I've always believed in you."
  • Rebuilding The Silent Barn — "My first introduction to Kickstarter! I kind of remember hearing that Silent Barn, a space I had frequented for many amazing and uncomfortably (seriously, unbearably) hot shows, had been broken into and would have to be shut down for the time being. What I definitely do remember is the amazing response everyone had to this campaign (it was borderline inescapable on Facebook). It's still kind of shocking that this project managed to raise $40,000 ... most of the people who played or went to shows here barely had jobs to cover rent (myself included). But hey, there's a new Silent Barn now and somewhere in my closet there's a T-shirt with a cat on it."
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