Meet the Team: Tomasz and Nicole

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We thought it would be nice to introduce ourselves, so every week, we're going to highlight a couple members of the Kickstarter team to tell us about themselves and pick out a few projects — past or present, successful or not — that they're especially fond of. We're also asking them to talk about why, and to let us make GIFs of them.

This week we chatted with Tomasz and Nicole:

Tomasz Werner

Job: "I make video stuff."

  • Let's Make the New Sleep Good Album Happen! — "First project I backed! Will was a student of mine in an Intro to Film class I was teaching. I remember being intimidated by how naturally talented he was. Check out the entire thing here."
  • A New Album by Keith Zarriello — "I still have never seen so much emotion pouring out of a project. I often see Keith on the subway and around our neighborhood here in Greenpoint. Not really sure why I don't stop him to say hi..."
  • Ghost line — "Every facet of Cori's Ghost line project was awe-inspiring and made even better by witnessing it develop through updates and multiple projects. The first project video and accompanying test films will show you where it all started."

Nicole He

Job: "I talk to people and help them make art and fashion projects."

  • Foam Brain Metal d20 pins — "My desk is stacked with bags of dice for our biweekly Dungeons and Dragons game, but sometimes you just need to carry a part of your Level One Neutral Elf with you. Ideally pinned on your coat. I credit my Foam Brain pin for giving me the mystical power to roll 20s at just the right moment."
  • Question Bridge — "This is a transmedia project that creates a space for black men of various backgrounds to discuss and redefine black male identity in America. I was so thrilled to see this project I'd been hearing about launch on Kickstarter to expand the artists' important and fascinating work. I spent a few hours sucked into the videos, and I suggest you do the same."
  • COOL DOG ANNUAL STICKER FUND 2014 — "I backed this project for the COOL DOG t-shirt but I'm thinking about upping my pledge so I can also get a sharpie drawing of a boy trapped in a well."
  • Avocado Season — "Once I get my COOL DOG t-shirt I will obviously pair it with these avocado-print high-waisted shorts. Add some sandals and a sun hat and you'll have your perfect summer outfit."
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      these gifs are awesome. so are these people.

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      Go back to the previous "green" color!

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      I Love fun and creative young people! I see great hope growing out of chaos! :D

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      I agree with you 100%

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      I love these projects, I fell today is going to be a good day I love you all

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