Meet the Team: Maris and Alex C.

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We thought it would be nice to introduce ourselves. So every so often, a couple members of the Kickstarter team will be saying hello, and picking out a few projects — past or present, successful or not — that they're especially fond of. (They will also be posing for GIFs. The GIFs are mandatory.)

This week, meet Maris and Alex C.:

Maris Kreizman (@mariskreizman)

Job: "I help publishing and theater people make great Kickstarter projects." (Note: Maris is also the creator of the immensely lovable and popular Slaughterhouse90210, and also apparently too modest to slip that in here.)

  • Moby Dick Marathon Reading — "I love reminding bookish types that they can use Kickstarter for many different kinds of literary endeavors. My friend Amanda raised funds to set up a weekend-long, marathon reading of Moby Dick, which will feature tons of great writers, some interesting pronunciations of 'Queequeg' and plenty of clam chowder."
  • Reductress — "Reductress is to women’s magazines as The Onion is to journalism and Clickhole is to web content. The satirical website, with features such as 'Serial Optimist Exhausts Entire Group of Friends' and 'Twenty Quotes to Cheer Up Your Smaller Boob,' cuts through the bullshit and is sure to inspire giggles."
  • Cutting Off Kate Bush — "'Cathy is having a crisis. And she's venting on YouTube. Through the medium of Kate Bush. Yep.' This description for a wonderfully emo one-woman show made me feel like maybe actress/playwright Lucy Benson-Brown might be my spiritual soulmate. I only wish I could’ve traveled to the Edinburgh Fringe Fest to see it live."

Alex Cox (@alexncox)

Job: "I write code in Ruby and Javascript. And I paint."

  • Karl Ove Knausgaard's My Struggle: Book One Special Edition — "I backed this project because my coworkers Shayne and Callan said the book was interesting, and because it was run by a publisher whose office was across the hall from my painting studio. It turned out to be one of those defining moments in my life as a reader. A surprising book, a book that changed the way things were for me. I love the edition they printed through the Kickstarter, and I'm learning more about the great publisher now: Archipelago Books."
  • Disko: Photographs of Lithuanian village discos — "I think this is real art. Some of these photos have a crazy power to me, but what got me to really look was the author referring to the forest rites scene in the film Andrei Rublev, which I generally worship with something like a religious fervor. A pagan religious fervor, of course."
  • + POOL, Tile by Tile — "I think I tweeted about this once, that the concept of the pool was inspiring and depressing at the same time, depending on how you looked at it. It seems, incredibly to me, like it actually has a chance of happening now. The idea that we played a role in that is wonderful."
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