Meet the Team: Margot and Nitsuh

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We thought it would be nice to introduce ourselves. So every week, a couple members of the Kickstarter team will be saying hello, and picking out a few projects — past or present, successful or not — that they're especially fond of. (They will also be posing for GIFs. The GIFs are mandatory.)

This week, meet Margot and Nitsuh:

Margot Atwell (@MargotAtwell)

Job: "I'm the Publishing and Dance Community Manager, which means that I help writers, publishers, dancers, and other creative types use Kickstarter to raise money and build community around their creative projects." (Note that Margot also has what might be my favorite of all the names in the Gotham Girls Roller Derby: Em Dash.)

  • Anchored in Deep Water: The Fisherpoets Anthology — "I love this unusual project to create books of poetry by fisherpoets. The art is really stunning. Plus, Astoria, Oregon, is one of the most intriguing, haunted places I've ever been."
  • Children's Performance of Tibetan Snow Lion Dance — "The Jhamtse Ghatsal Children's Community used Kickstarter to raise money to create costumes for a traditional dance. You should watch the video — it's so joyful! It made me feel welcomed into a community I knew nothing about. I would love to see one of these dances in person one day."
  • Bluecrowne (Arcana Project #2) — "I love the way cross-over author Kate Milford reached out directly to her fans and supporters to make two novels exactly the way she wants to make them, with high production values and gorgeous covers, using McNally Jackson's Espresso Book Machine."
  • Amazing Capes — "Every kid understands the transformative power of the right piece of clothing. Just put on a cape and suddenly you're a superhero or a villain--whatever you want to be. Grownups sometimes forget about how powerful imagination can be. I think everyone's life would be better if they had an Amazing Cape."

Nitsuh Abebe (@ntabebe)

Job: "I'm a writer, so ... I generally just write assorted stuff. I also make my colleagues pose for these GIFs."

  • Need a Huge Painted Mural in My Smog Check Station — "Nick Andrew Kosta runs a smog-check station in California. I guess at some point it occurred to him that there's no good reason a smog-check station has to be some gray despairing spot where you trudge grimly through the process of getting your car inspected, so he's hoping to add a nice mural, and send you a postcard of it. This project taught me that apparently the smog-check game is really, really competitive?"
  • Croissant Man: A Web Series about Depressed Pastries — "The project video has director Tulica Singh arguing with a grumpy croissant, which is really something. But mostly I'd like to direct your attention to the series preview video a little down the page, in which two human fingers do some genuinely fantastic acting. (I'm not trying to be funny — I really feel like these are straight up the Meryl Streeps of fingers.) This project taught me that finger body language is a very real thing."
  • Black Rabbit Dice: Brain Training Games for Kids and Adults — "McKay Anderson (who seems super-nice) is making something simple and cool — sets of wooden dice with little pictograms on each face. You roll them, then use the results to tell stories, play word games, and do other fun human-brain things that don't involve electricity. This project reminded me that I always get too excited about dice that have anything besides numbers on them, which I blame on reading this fantasy book as a kid."
  • punkrockpaperscissors relaunch — "Lee Loughridge spent the 80s going to a lot of east-coast punk and hardcore shows, and collecting the show flyers. The goal of this project was to collect them all in a nice big hardcover book. It turned out great. Look, it's on my desk right now!"
    1. lee loughridge on

      Thanks for all of your help guys! The book came out great. Woking on another one right now. Not flyers though. It is another punk/hardcore themed book. stay tuned....Lee

    2. Tong Luo on

      Thanks for the blogs on Kickstarter! Margot Atwell - I played roller derby for the Tri Valley Roller Girls. My name was 'Bam Bam' short for Bamma Lamma Jam Jam. Miss it dearly. They disbanded last year. :-(

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