Meet the Team: Julie and Jake

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We thought it would be nice to introduce ourselves. So every week, a couple members of the Kickstarter team will be saying hello, and picking out a few projects — past or present, successful or not — that they're especially fond of. (They will also be posing for GIFs. The GIFs are mandatory.)

This week, meet Julie and Jake:

Julie Wood (@juliewood)

Job: "I talk to reporters and producers and bloggers about Kickstarter and awesome projects."

  • Happy Trash Day — "Sanitation workers have the hardest job! This little art project throws surprise parties for them when they come around to pick up the trash."
  • Grow Urban Farms in Brooklyn's Empty Lots — "Pretty simple: productive green space > vacant lots."
  • Korengal — "This film depicts the daily-life experiences of American soldiers in war. I backed it for a ticket to the premiere, where brilliant filmmaker Sebastian Junger shared some important wisdom about promoting a culture that supports veterans, and how we can just all be better to each other."
  • Bring Sunny's Back Home! — "This was the first Kickstarter project I backed. Sunny's is the best. Red Hook! Cheap beers! Tunes!"

Jake Loeterman (@jakeloet)

Job: "I investigate risky behavior and figure out how to keep our system healthy."

  • Introducing Art History to Inmates — "Learning about art can often be a transformative experience. It would be amazing if this became a trend."
  • High Voltage Image Making — "These are prints of film exposed to a blast of electrical charge, the effect of which is something like scientific tie-dye: the fractal-like networks, set against blurred abstraction, create a cosmos. They're totally mystical."
  • Dorrance's "It's All About Mimi" — "My mom and I loved this book. A minimalist chic mom understands her newfound motherhood through an aesthetic. It's hysterical."
  • NeoLucida - A Portable Camera Lucida for the 21st Century — "I wrote my senior thesis on Vermeer, so when I saw this affordable remake of the camera lucida designed by two art professors, I was stoked."
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      Jump for Joy Vancouver with Murality (deleted) on June 28, 2014

      How can I speak to someone at kickstarter? My money is being held and I keep getting auto responses via email with no resolution. I have tweeted, fb'd and sent several emails all with no response or no clear answer. I want an explanation and someone to help me. My campaign finished a month ago, I was told the money would be deposited 2 weeks ago, on the 19th I was asked for a statement from my bank which Ive sent several times and still keep getting the same auto response emails and no money has been deposited. Please can someone from Kickstarter actually help me. My email is:

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      Michael L. Flower on July 5, 2014

      Subject: DV8 Backpack Golf Clubs? by Secundius

      I just don't know if take such a good idea. It sound to much like Road Rage comes to the Golf Course to me. Most people who play golf, don't have much patients for bad golfers. Add the fact of someone having to put together a golf club, when you play the ball where it landed. I see, Suicide By Other Golfers, or Murder Mayhem on the Greens, in the making.

      Now, I can see using the Bag w/iPad concept, in the EMT role, Office In the Field role, and other related possibilities. But in golfing, Hell No!!!

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      John on January 30, 2015

      I need to get some advice from the team. We run a small busy indie called Palawan Productions we have a variety of projects that we want to talk to you about and can be contacted at

    4. Matanga Web on October 17, 2015

      quisiera saber si pueden enviarme información en español para escribir un articulo en

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      Namaku Keren on October 20, 2015

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      teguhbejo on October 22, 2015

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      Doa Ibu Tersayang on October 23, 2015

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