Meet the Team: Daniella and Cooper

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We thought it would be nice to introduce ourselves, so every week, a couple members of the Kickstarter team will be saying hello and picking out a few projects — past or present, successful or not — that they're especially fond of. (They will also be posing for GIFs. The GIFs are mandatory.)

This week we chatted with Daniella and Cooper:

Daniella Jaeger

Job: "I work with our engineers and designers on new product tools and features for our site." (Daniella's actually moving on soon to go educate young people, which is great news for young people but sad for us, because Daniella is great.)

  • Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas - The Movie — "It's a Brazilian Tropicália doc! The great Joel Stones of Tropicalia in Furs fame (Tropicalia in Furs was a record store in NYC's East Village) teamed up with the great video artist Artur Ratton for a deep dive into the psychedelic sounds of '60s Brazil. I love Brazilian music, so this is perfect."
  • New York City: An Animated Sketchbook — "Willy Hartland animated for MTV's Daria (!), and now he's animating New York City (!). I backed for the DVD, and ever since Willy's been emailing snippets of the film to backers. Watching the process unfold has been a delight."
  • Stefanie Batten Bland's dance project — "Click through to 1 min into this project video to get a sense of Stefanie's dancing and choreography. She's a dream. Backing this project led me to see Stefanie dance in person at a rehearsal for her piece at the Baryshnikov Arts Center."

Cooper Troxell

Job: "I help people use the site when questions emerge. Right now I'm working on my first Kickstarter project!" (If you can't tell from his picks below, Cooper is also a musician.)

  • The Nautilauta — "A microtonal lute that follows the old saying, 'there’s more than one way to slice an octave.' The name of the instrument itself is some world-class wordplay, and it makes it easy to whip out the lute for a jam sesh in all sorts of harmonic scenarios."
  • Nancarrow at 100: A Centennial Celebration — "Conlon Nancarrow was a composer from a different planet. Instead of programming computers, he painstakingly composed pieces for player piano that involved impossible time signatures and tempo combinations."
  • Double Digits: The Story of a Neighborhood Movie Star — "I really admire people who refuse to let enormous challenges get in their way, such as the budget required for a Hollywood action film. The subject of this documentary shoots feature-length films in his house with stop motion and green screen effects, and I spent an afternoon watching his films on YouTube. The aesthetic is full of layered textures and intersecting realities."
  • The Funklet — "This will always be my favorite project video."
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      Ari Simon on

      Hey guys!

      I love kickstarter and it is such a breath of relief to know that there are still very inspired people who want to create something new and unheard of! The driving force behind technology and new ideas are those that are allowed intellectual freedom so their expressions aren't squelched by the mainstream policies or unfriendly competition of the outside world.

      I can see some of your interests, but what really drove you to do what you're doing now? What is your reason for being inspired, or for wanting to inspire others? I really look forward to hearing from you both! Thank you!

    2. deny thomas on

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      ,luke on

      dear sirs , hello

      how to reach your office for more details ?
      kind regards lucas
      mob.0048 508 843 446

      Community Support Specialist

      Every day Kickstarter receives hundreds of enquiries from community members varying from basic site usage, to the Kickstarter ethos, and the technical and logistical aspects of backing or creating a project. As a Community Support Specialist, you WILL treat each ticket as a personal conversation as well as an opportunity to get closer to and learn from our community. You’ll be a bridge between two worlds, distilling product features and company policies into individual contexts, while communicating the pulse of our users to the rest of the team.

      You’re passionate about providing great support. You're an excellent writer, with charm to spare, and feel comfortable with the written word as your primary mode of communication. You have a positive attitude, approach your tasks with diligence and a sense of urgency, and sincerely enjoy going the extra mile to make things right and people happy.

      This position is full-time (5 days a week) and includes weekend support.

      You’re good at and enjoy:

      Responding to each and every person with empathy
      Communicating simply, elegantly, and effectively, without losing your personality
      Staying organized and juggling tasks
      KEEPING calm in the line of fire — nothing gets you down
      RECOGNIZING patterns in an ocean of information
      Working independently as well as in a team

      Previous experience handling web-based support
      History of providing excellent customer service

      Send a little something about yourself to with links to your work. This position is full-time, on-site at our awesome office in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Your compensation WILL include equity and health care.

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      Houcine Benomar on

      Dear sir
      I am a handicaped artist from Morocco. I arrive to write scripts for movies (fictions) and a friend of me , a musician ( an American friend ) has recently sent me your address.
      And I decide to write you in order to know if you can give me a hand in order to help me find funds to be able to realise my project( to shoot as a director ) : A sort film in 18 mn.
      I am ready to give you all the information you need.
      Best wishes and kind regards.

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      Namaku Keren on

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      teguhbejo on

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      Doa Ibu Tersayang on

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