Meet the Spring/Summer 2018 Kickstarter Creators-in-Residence

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Still from Azikiwe Mohammed’s Drip intro video
Still from Azikiwe Mohammed’s Drip intro video

Earlier this year, we announced an open call for the third edition of our Creators-in-Residence program. We received hundreds of applications from amazing, independent creative people, and narrowed it down to twelve of them. These incoming residents are planning, launching, and fulfilling Kickstarter and Drip campaigns across a number of different categories.

We’re excited to welcome the following creators into our Brooklyn HQ for the next three months:

Jenn de la Vega

Jenn has run three successful Kickstarter campaigns, and will be using the residency to focus on developing food media for her Drip. She writes: “After 12 years of juggling careers in music, tech, theater, and food, I've decided to make the leap to culinary pursuits 110% in 2018.”

Fran Wilde 

Fran will be joining us to plan a year’s worth of poems, prints, animations, and audio material for her forthcoming Drip. She’ll also be collaborating with Kickstarter’s Director of Publishing, Margot Atwell, to run a project during Kickstarter’s Summer of Poetry.

Adi Slepack and Liz Roche of Gather Round Games 

Adi and Liz are the creators of Someone Has Died, an improvisational storytelling game set at a will arbitration. They’re currently fulfilling their Kickstarter campaign, which was successfully funded last fall, and planning future projects.

Raja Feather Kelly

Last year, Raja ran a 24-hour, live-streamed Kickstarter campaign; this summer, he will be hosting his second “tele-gala-a-thon” at Kickstarter HQ. Raja will prepare for the event during the first part of the residency, then shift to fulfilling the project.

Azikiwe Mohammed

Azikiwe makes objects, spaces, and experiences that uplift the lives of black and brown people in America. While at Kickstarter, he’ll be producing more behind-the-scenes content for his Drip subscribers, including custom comics and original tunes from the mind of his musical co-persona, Black Helmet.

Liza de Guia

Since launching food. curated. in 2009, James Beard Award-winning storyteller Liza de Guia has made hundreds of documentaries about the lives of food makers, farmers, fishermen, and chefs. She’s planning to relaunch her series on Drip, partner with Kickstarter’s mentors to devise a plan for investment and distribution, and expand the reach of her series nationally and internationally.

Mike Rugnetta

Mike “makes internet things,” including long-form generative sound works, a podcast called The Impenetrable Sphere of Solitude, and essays on web-related topics like memes. He releases all of this material through his Drip. He’ll be spending the residency producing new material and working closely with the Drip team to develop new ways of interacting with his subscribers.

Zoe Potkin

Zoe is working on a Kickstarter campaign to fund post-production of her documentary film, CHAINS, which tells the story of Barry Gibbs, a man wrongfully imprisoned for nearly twenty years in the most notorious case of NYPD corruption.

Maëlle Doliveux

Maëlle is joining us to work on her first longform comics project. She’s also the Creative Director of Beehive Books, which funds all of its projects on Kickstarter, and will spend time designing their recently funded Illuminated Editions series and running a Kickstarter campaign for a monograph on turn-of-the-century illustrator Harrison Cady.

Jennifer and Kevin McCoy

Jennifer and Kevin will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming video, Cleaner, which explores corporate architecture as the nexus of labor, class, and economic mobility.

Julia Kwamya

Julia, a.k.a. Germans, describes her musical style as “moody disco,” the kind of music that’ll make you “feel good about feeling bad.” She’s preparing to launch a Kickstarter campaign for her debut album, Love is a Human Possibility, this summer.

Dan Schoenbrun and Vanessa McDonnell

Dan Schoenbrun and Vanessa McDonnell are the co-creators of the independent TV show The Eyeslicer, which Indiewire affectionately called "one of the craziest TV shows you'll ever see." They’re currently running a Kickstarter campaign for the show’s second season; once the campaign wraps up, they’ll start moving forward with production.

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