Meet the Fall 2017 Kickstarter Creators-in-Residence

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Earlier this year we announced a trial run of a new Creators-in-Residence program. As part of Kickstarter's mission to help bring creative projects to life, we welcomed three teams of filmmakers into our office as they worked on completing their films. We loved working alongside them and learning from their process as they filmed new material, edited footage, and shipped rewards to their backers.

Today we’re announcing a second group of residents that joined the program a few weeks back. Joining us in our Brooklyn HQ for the next three months are:

Sofia Geld and Rebeca Huntt
Filmmakers Sofia and Rebeca are working with their music producer, Eli, to complete the final cut of "BEBA." The feature-length film follows the life of an Afro-Latina in racially tumultuous New York City.

Robin Cloud
Robin is a comedian, writer, director and the creator of "You Can't Do That," a short film that addresses why it's not a good idea to pet black people's hair. During the residency, Robin will be working on a short called "2 Dollars," the story of a property manager whose life unravels after deciding not to contribute to the office lotto pool.

Dafina Roberts
Dafina is working on the campaign for her webseries that explores the life of six friends in New York City, “Giving Me Life (in the Land of the Deadass).”

Giving Me Life (In the Land of the Deadass)
Giving Me Life (In the Land of the Deadass)


Ally Shwed
Ally is a cartoonist, writer, editor, and Superbacker who just completed her fourth Kickstarter campaign. Her anthology of true online dating stories is almost complete and she already has ideas for a new project.

Jessica Sally
Jessica is launching a campaign for The Brownies' Book, a multicultural children's literature magazine. 

Matty Davis and Ben Gould
Matty and Ben are using the theater at Kickstarter HQ to develop and rehearse a dance performance that explores themes of control and empathy.

It’s Showtime NYC
It’s Showtime NYC offers performance and professional development opportunities for street and subway dancers. They’re collaborating with our Art team on the launch of their first Kickstarter project.

Ani Taj of The Dance Cartel
The Dance Cartel is in the midst of their third Kickstarter campaign, WET CLUTCH, a drive-in dance experience that reimagines heroines from the last three decades of cinema.

Wet Clutch (photo by Maddy Talias)
Wet Clutch (photo by Maddy Talias)


Scott Thrift
Scott is working on quality-checking more than 400 of his artistic timepieces before shipping them to his backers.

Sean J. Patrick Carney
Sean is making use of our audio recording resources to produce his podcast, Humor and the Abject.

Adam J. Kurtz
Adam is a designer, author, and illustrator, and he'll be working on packaging and shipping out the 2018 version of his Unsolicited Advice planner.

Hans Reichstetter 
Hans recently wrapped up a project to create a faux-fur Unicorn Coat. While he’s here, he’ll be thinking through some new project ideas.

Griz Coat on the left and the new Unicorn Coat on the right
Griz Coat on the left and the new Unicorn Coat on the right


Each of these creators will be working on something different: some fulfilling a past campaign and others working on new projects. We’re excited to work alongside them and help them more directly during the creative process. Follow Kickstarter on Twitter and Instagram for more from our Creators-in-Residence.

If you’re interested in finding out more about this program, email us at