Mark Your Calendars, Reward Scheduling Is Here

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Today we’re announcing a new feature that will make engaging with your backers and building excitement easier: reward scheduling! In addition to setting a backer limit when creating your rewards, you’ll now also be able to set a time-based limit. So, for example, if you only want a reward to be available on the day that you launch your project, you can set a time constraint and not have to worry about updating it after you’ve gone live.

How do I add a backer or time limit to my rewards?

As you’re setting up your rewards in project build, you’ll notice an option to “Limit availability.” Select “Enable reward limit” in this section and you’ll then be able to add a backer limit and/or a time-based limit.

How will this look for backers?

Here’s how backers will see limited availability indicated on each reward and how it will appear if a reward is no longer available:

How can I use reward scheduling for my project?

  •  You can run rewards for a specific period of time. For example, if you’d only like a reward to be available on the first day of your campaign (“Launch day exclusive!”), you can easily set an end date.
  • You can schedule rewards that’ll become available during your campaign before you’ve even launched. Announcing new reward tiers during your campaign can garner excitement about limited editions or special offerings. This also helps you plan ahead and save time, as you won’t need to worry about adding new tiers or marking them as sold out later on. Just don’t forget to announce the new reward in an update (or any other way you communicate with your audience) once it’s live.
  • Previously, when a reward was marked as “Sold Out,” if an existing backer canceled their pledge or changed their reward selection, someone else would be able to claim that reward. Setting up a time constraint ensures that no one will be able to claim the reward if a backer changes their pledge later on. To close off a reward tier, just set its deadline to any time in the past.

I’ve noticed some other changes to rewards. What other improvements have you rolled out this year?

Glad you asked! Earlier this year, we added the ability to add titles to reward tiers and the option to list out each item that you’re offering in a specific tier. When you create reward items, you’ll easily be able to add them to new tiers. This not only gives a cleaner look to each reward, but it makes it more clear to backers what they’re pledging for. Here’s an example of a reward with a title and itemized rewards:

MOFAD's recent project has some great examples of reward titles.
MOFAD's recent project has some great examples of reward titles.

We think that these improvements will not only make planning and running a project easier, but also give you a few extra ways to delight your backers and make setting up your! If you have any questions about this or want to share your creative and descriptive reward titles with us, drop us a line.