March Madness

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Every March, sports fans gather to watch their favorite teams face off on the court. In the spirit of competition we've decided to join in, and pit some live Kickstarter projects against non-Kickstarter alternatives.

Round 1

There's been a lot of conversation recently about which hot new watch people will be buying this year. We haven't been paying very close attention, but naturally we assume it's a toss up between Pebble Time and the Casio CA53W Calculator Watch.

Here's how they stack up.


  • Pebble - 64 Color E-Paper Display
  • Casio - Monochrome LCD

Winner: Pebble


  • Pebble - 6,500+
  • Casio - 1 (Calculator)

Winner: Pebble

Battery life

  • Pebble - 7-10 days 
  • Casio - 5 years

Winner: Wow, okay, Casio

SDK Available

  • Pebble - Yes
  • Casio - Lol no

Winner: Pebble


While we found the subtraction feature incredibly appealing, we were never able to successfully pair the Casio watch with our phone. Pebble Time wins.

Round 2

Human flight has come a long way in a century. While jet packs have yet to hit the consumer marketplace, anyone can take to the skies thanks to the surge in drone technology. In round 2 we're pitting the tried and true Paper Airplane versus the cutting edge Splash Drone.

Flight time

  • Splash Drone - approximately 17 minutes
  • Paper Airplane - approximately 4 seconds

Winner: Splash Drone

  • Splash Drone - Yes
  • Paper Airplane - No, it's made of paper

Winner: Splash Drone

Emergency flare system

  • Splash Drone - Yes
  • Paper Airplane - No, it's made of paper

Winner: Splash Drone

Made of paper

  • Splash Drone - No
  • Paper Airplane - Yes!

Winner: Paper Airplane


Despite its ultra-lightweight form factor, the Paper Airplane performed poorly in most tests, probably because it is paper. Splash Drone wins.

Round 3

We love food, but preparing it is a real pain in the neck! We're excited to live in a future where robots compete to feed us. That's why round 3 is the custom pancake-printing PancakeBot versus the autonomous ketchup dispenser KetchupBot.

In this case we'll let the gifs speak for themselves.


KetchupBot had a valiant showing – impressive throw distance on that ketchup – but this round goes to PancakeBot. Hopefully ButterBot and MapleSyrupBot are not too far behind.

Congratulations to all of today's contenders. We'll see you next year.

    1. Alex Rodriguez on

      So the Splash Drone won the competition against the paper plane! how awesome is that :-)
      I want a Pebble watch to wake me up in time to eat my printed pancake. You have to admit, we live in the most exiting time in history.!

    2. James Dodgshun on

      I was very surprised that KetchupBot didn't win. I assumed it had it in the bag. I mean the tank-ness of it is just amazing. Honestly who wants an Eiffel Tower pancake that's ridiculous, there are way too many holes.

    3. Dan Mitchell on

      Seriously guys - I think this year's Smartwatch race has really only two runners - Pebble Time (Steel), and Apple Watch. Both have good and bad points. We have the cheaper and cheerful long-life horse, and the upstart frisky filly with a one-day trick.

      Truly I'm getting both and will so compare them here later. What a Brave New World that has such runners init !

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      Namaku Keren on

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      teguhbejo on

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      Doa Ibu Tersayang on

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