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Jeremy Bastian’s Cursed Pirate Girl is on track to become the most successful comic book project in Kickstarter history.

With just three days to go, the project has amassed 750 backers and over $30,000 in funds — that’s $27,500 more than the original goal of $2500! It’s an incredible moment for comics projects on Kickstarter, and something that speaks volumes about the beauty of Jeremy’s artwork, the appeal of his story, and the passion of the comics community at large.

Long-time fans have come to the project soaring with excitement because the once super-hard-to-find individual issues of Cursed Pirate Girl will now be collected in a single, beautiful volume. At the same time, newcomers who chanced upon the project are equally enthusiastic and taken in by Jeremy’s incredible artwork. As one new fan comments:

I am so thrilled I stumbled upon you and your incredible work! I can’t wait to receive my copy, cuddle up with my little one, and get lost in your art and the Cursed Pirate Girl’s adventure. I can just imagine how it will feel turning the pages of such an artistically crafted book, reading aloud while we each take on a character. I simply can not wait!

For anyone who loves reading comics, collecting comics, and making comics, Cursed Pirate Girl is not just one individual’s success story, but a success story we can all partake in.

At this past weekend’s New York Comic Con, we had the chance to speak with so many passionate and talented comics creators who were able to bring their stories into the world with the help of Kickstarter. In discussing the long journey from concept to completion, it became clear that despite disparate backgrounds, this journey is truly a shared one. Each of their successes is a testament to hard work and dedication, but also how amazing it is to have a community of people believe in what you’re doing.

Congratulations to Jeremy, Cursed Pirate Girl, and independent comics creators everywhere. This moment is for all of you.

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