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Magic Monday

It’s a gray, rainy day here in New York, and my cup of coffee’s begging for something fun and fantastical to complement. Find yourself in the same boat? I’ve noticed several projects that can offer a brief escape as they transport you to a dreamland of the creator’s imagination. So take a ride with me through a few of our more whimsical, fairy-tale-inspired projects as you slowly regain consciousness this Monday.

Alexis Gideon - Video Musics II: Sun Wu-Kong

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Go ahead, lose yourself in this video of green monkeys and pastel dragons for a few minutes. Slowtrain Records is creating a multimedia video opera based on a 16th-century Chinese novel, and the quirky teaser offers an audio-visual feast.

The Handsome Little Devils are going BIG for the Big Apple!

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Speaking of visual feasts, you can count on theater group Handsome Little Devils for a Vaudevillian spectacular like no other. Squirm Burpee is their quirky, circus-infused theatrical extravaganza, and audiences should expect nothing short of a contraption-riddled, expectation-breaking, object-manipulating, standing-ovation-inducing affair (their words!).

New Music and Video Art CD/DVD project

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Turn off all the lights and watch this video on full screen, with some good speakers if you can. Patrick Liddell puts his music to video art, creating a mysterious fantasy land of dancing piano keys, woodwind melodies, and escapist animated sequences.

Animalia Animation

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Animalia began as a multi-media performance, and now the story is being turned into a unique animation and printed book. The visuals truly look like illustrations peeling out of pages and coming to life, and the music will put you in an otherworldly daze.


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