Long Story Short: A Call for Short Film Projects in March 2020

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Naima Ramos-Chapman's 'Piu Piu'
Naima Ramos-Chapman's 'Piu Piu'

Launch a short film project in March 2020 as part of a monthlong celebration of the form.

No longer just a stepping stone to the breakthrough feature or a means for industry recognition (although both of these compelling outcomes hold true), audiences are also now appreciating the power of the short film.

With Long Story Short, Kickstarter Film invites creators to take part in a monthlong homage to short-form filmmaking. Throughout March, we’ll feature live short film projects in every genre, share new creator resources, and take a look back at some of the outstanding short filmmaking we’ve seen in the past 10 years.

Short films thrive on Kickstarter 

We’re happy to report that short films have reigned on Kickstarter since day one. In fact, backers have pledged over $41 million to 7,332 successful shorts projects over the last 10 years. Just last year, the Kickstarter-funded short film Lavender got picked up at Sundance by Fox Searchlight, Hair Love opened for every screening of summer blockbuster Angry Birds 2, and the short documentary Period. End of Sentence took home an Oscar.

Far from being a light lift, short films require enormous work, but something about their nimble form allows filmmakers to continue to flex their creative muscles without the weight (and wait) of weaving through the industry rigmarole. By typically requiring smaller budgets, short films welcome a diverse set of voices and stories. (Fun fact: Shorts projects on Kickstarter that gain support from least 25 backers have an 89 percent success rate.)

For all these reasons, and for a million more, short films continue to be an indicator of the health of our community and of our broader collective culture.

An open call for creators 

Have a short you’ve been wanting to create? If raising money and building community for your short film is something you’ve been mulling over for a while, mull no more. We’re inviting emerging and established filmmakers, film students, and other enthusiastic cinephiles to make something new.

Here’s how creators can get involved with Long Story Short: 

  • Create a short film project on Kickstarter, making sure to select “Shorts” as your subcategory. 
  • Launch your project anytime between March 1 and 31, 2020.
  • Give us a heads up at film@kickstarter.com.

Throughout March, we'll shine our spotlight on short films by promoting live projects on a dedicated landing page, in our newsletters, and on social media. We've also tapped a few industry experts to project scout on the site during the month.

In the meantime, browse our how-to guides for the shorts filmmakers among us, including tips for preparing for launch and for keeping things moving while the campaign is live.

Start drafting your short film project here.