Lindsey Markel Says You Are Among Friends

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We have another success story for you today, this one about a woman named Lindsey Murkel. Lindsey’s project is called You Are Among Friends: The Book for the Little Sisters I Never Had and its goal is to produce a zine for young women with some great guest contributors, and a podcast, too. With 33 days to go, Lindsey has raised $658, when she only sought $350. Nearly 200%!

I sent Lindsey the same questions we’ve sent our other successful project creators about her project and experience. Her response is below. (Pay close attention to her favorite band answer — it’s a good one!)

Tell us about your project.

I’m working on a book-length version of my adolescent-empowerment zine, You Are Among Friends, and will be publishing it this summer. I joined Kickstarter with the intention of gathering together enough money for preliminary copies, which will be sent to newspapers and magazines, as well as to publish copies to send to women’s shelters, Planned Parenthoods, and after-school programs nationwide. I gave myself two months to meet the goal, and then well surpassed it in about 24 hours, which is cause for a neverending dance party until I die.

How many of your backers do you know personally?

“Personally” is a little fuzzy when you’re an independent artist working primarily online! Who do I not know personally at this point? I’d say that about half of the names were familiar, and maybe 20% of my backers have been near and dear friends. For the most part, though, the project has been backed by total strangers who were either affected by the zine (or podcast), or who came across the Kickstarter page and were inspired to be generous.

How are you going to be updating people as you go along?

So far, I’ve been sitting with my mouth hanging open, filling an update box with silly little words that seem meaningless compared to how completely amazed and thankful I am. I’d love to make more videos, skywrite the numbers, whatever people want—it’s been an incredibly humbling experience so far.

Have you learned/discovered anything from the experience?

Learned that people are amazingly generous and that they are more than willing to share their money and their encouragement. Was reminded that the project I believe in—and that I sometimes falter in believing in, since it’s also something I make with my own two hands—is worthwhile and important. People have just been absolutely astounding.

What was unanticipated about the experience?

Ha, how much I’ve raised and how quickly people came from the woodwork to help! Also, how easy Kickstarter was to use. It’s so user-friendly, from both the project and the backer sides.

What, if anything, would you change about your project?

Nothing—I can’t wait to print the books in July!

Who’s your favorite band and why?

Right now, it’s Allison Weiss—because the girl seriously knows how to get it done. I’m away from home for three weeks right now, and while I’ve been gone I also followed her every move on a six-day tour with Lauren Zettler: daily video updates, a webcast of a house show, Twitter and Tumblr updates…her utilization of the resources available to her as far as connecting with her fans, both current and potential, is awe-inspiring. We should all—every DIY artist—be taking about a thousand pages from her manual. And she also surpassed her Kickstarter goal in less than a day!

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