Last Call for Commissions

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This November, we challenged creators to take part in Commissions, an open call for collaborative projects.

The idea was simple: Artists, designers, and makers could run Kickstarter projects that invited their supporters to pledge for rewards made especially for them, using their input and ideas in the creative process.

So far, we’ve seen over 150 Commissions projects launch from creators around the world. Their creative ventures have encompassed everything from making one-of-a-kind geometric paintings and architectural illustrations of backers’ childhood homes to composing one-minute songs, choreographing custom dance moves, and painting oh so many dog portraits.

Today, we’re sharing fifteen of the most imaginative Commissions projects we've seen so far. You can explore all live Commissions projects here — or launch one of your own by Thursday, November 30.

15 imaginative Commissions projects to explore

Illustrator Araki Koman is celebrating the diversity of global couture through black-and-white portraits.

The team behind LAAB magazine, an annual review on the intersection of identity and popular culture, will send you a portrait of your favorite historical figure.

Self-described doodler Nicola Davies will turn any image of a mushroom or toadstool into a whimsical illustration.

Architect and artist Diana Shtereva will ink your childhood home or favorite street corner.

Ever wondered what you’d look like as a creature from another planet? Find out with a custom painting by the Wizard of Barge.

Choose from a rainbow of colors, and artist Gina Rivara will make you a one-of-a-kind geometric painting.

Receive a personalized poem when you support Mohamed Dione’s documentary series about African immigrants who return home.

Design your own pattern for this mesmerizing optical-illusion fountain lamp.

Add your own dance move to this “enlivened and electric” performance.

These prints capture the waves created in space and time on the date of your choosing.

Let illustrator Drew Baker make you an oil painting of a lightsaber.

Kim Boekbinder is recording a second album of one-minute songs — that you can help write.

Design a hole for this charming tabletop golf game set on Mars.

Take pet portraiture to the next level with an illustration of your feline or canine companion wearing your clothes.

Enter the world of Balinese miniature painting by commissioning an artwork from Budi Agung Kuwara and I Komang Sudiarta.

Want to see more? Explore all live Commissions projects here

If you can't launch a Commissions project by November 30 but are interested in taking part in future Kickstarter creative prompts, join our Creative Prompts Facebook group to stay in the loop.