KSR @ The Brooklyn Book Festival This Sunday, 9/18

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This Sunday, September 18th at the Brooklyn Book Festival, join Kickstarter co-founder Yancey Stricklerfor Kickstarter Conversations: A Symposium on Creative Ideas

We've put together a panel of supertalented, insightful, and articulate (!) project creators including Ted Rall, Nelson George and (our very own KSR staff member/writer extraordinaire) Meaghan O’Connell todiscuss their literary endeavors. Addressing their experiences as authors, the panel will explore what creating in public means for the writing process and how the emergence of new technology impacts publishing. 

For some more info on these fine folk and their fine work on Kickstarter, check out:

-Ted Rall's Comix Journalism: Send Tell Rall Back to Afghanistan to Get The Real Story

-Nelson George's Brooklyn Boheme: a Fort Green/Clinton Hill Artists Documentary

-Melissa Gira Grant and Meaghan O'Connell's Coming & Crying: Real Stories About Sex From the Other Side of the Bed

The fest will also feature a guest appearance by The Uni, Street Lab's portable and public open-air reading room funded on Kickstarter this past August. If you've got a Kickstarter project at the fest and we missed it, please shout it out! We gotta organize a group hug or something or somethin'.

Kickstarter Conversations will be held at 4 pm on the North Stage (Borough Hall Plaza/Columbus Park). Click here for more information on the festival.

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