KSR Open House Recap!

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Last night Grand Opening in the Lower East Side of NYC held the first-ever Kickstarter open house. And it was awesome. So many more people than we ever had imagined came out, including some project creators, like Mike of LostLES, Kevin of Decorative Nihilism, Jeff from Accidental Nostalgia, Rob of Late Night Tunes, and Joseph of iPhone icons. All of whom were fantastic people. There were also some serial backers (like myself) who got to meet the folks they were supporting, as well as prospective project creators. Total lovefest.

One of the great things about the night was the energy: people were lobbing ideas back and forth, asking what projects they had done/were thinking of doing. Two separate people said that before coming they had never thought they’d make a project (“I’m not a creative person”) but after meeting everyone, declared that they had to do one. Simply being around that kind of positive, creative energy (to get all granola) was invigorating. It really was.

Clearly we’re going to have to do another one of these soon. And definitely make it out, if you can. And everyone who we talked to about starting projects last night: get started! There were so many passionate, exceptional ideas, and we can’t wait to see them live.

Thank you to everyone for coming out! Thank you to everyone for pitching in for booze! You got a lot of really great people drunk! And a special big thanks to Josh Miles, an awesome dude who, out of nowhere, volunteered to donate a case of wine to the party. Hi-fives all around.

PS: I was the “event photographer” last night, but got engrossed in so many conversations these are the only pix I took! But it’s something!

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