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KSR IRL: The Mexican Suitcase & Dying to Do Letterman @ DOCUWEEKS 8/26!

Kickstarter Projects! In Real Life! We've said it before, and no doubt we'll say it again: we love seeing these thangs out in the wild.

Now running in NYC through September 1st and LA through September 8th, the International Documentary Association's 15th annual DocuWeeks Theatrical Documentary Showcase features currently live Kickstarter projects The Mexican Suitcase and Dying to do Letterman. DocuWeeks seeks to raise awareness and appreciation for nonfiction film, providing the documentary community with education, resources, and an ever-expanding audience.

Both Kickstarter docs are raising funds to offset the costs of these theatrical runs. Playing NYC and LA commercial theaters can be incredibly costly but is in turn what affords a film the opportunity to qualify for an Oscar nomination. (Academy rules say you gotta play the big kid screens to qualify for the big kid noms.)  If you're in NYC, both films screen at IFC Center this Friday, 8/26 with filmmakers in person! Get your tix now!

The Mexican Suitcase Filmmaker Trisha Ziff will appear at the following NYC screenings: Fri 8/26 at 5:25pm; Sat 8/27 at 7:35pm; Sun 8/28 at 9:50pm; and Mon 8/29 at 7:30pm. In person in LA: Fri 9/2 at 7:20pm, Sat 9/3 at 9:45pm

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Dying to do Letterman filmmakers Joke Fincioen and Biago Messina will appear at the following NYC screenings: Fri 8/26 at 7:25pm; Sat 8/27 at 5:25pm; and Sun 8/28 at 9:45pm. In person in LA: Fri 9/2 at 9:45pm; Sat 9/3 at 5:20pm; Sun 9/4 at 7:30pm

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Click here for a complete list of showtimes and tix. Happy doc-ing!


    1. Creator trisha ziff on August 24, 2011

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    2. Creator Joke and Biagio on August 24, 2011

      Thanks so much for featuring us on your blog! We are thrilled with how our Kickstarter campaign is going, and thankful to you for highlighting us. THANK YOU Kickstarter community for helping us make Steve's dream come true. Please spread the word, and help us achieve a something everyone has told us is "impossible."

      All the best,
      Joke and Biagio