KSR IRL: Paul Sepuya's Studio Work @ The Studio Museum in Harlem

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Paul Sepuya in "Evidence of Accumulation" @ The Studio Museum in Harlem
Paul Sepuya in "Evidence of Accumulation" @ The Studio Museum in Harlem

Tomorrow @ The Studio Museum in Harlem check out "Evidence of Accumulation," the new artist-in-residence exhibition featuring Paul Mpagi Sepuya's Studio Work alongside the work of artists Simone Leigh and Kamau Amu Patton.

The three artists have a "strong shared interest in collected histories and the amassing of processes and ideas. Whether Leigh’s collecting of tobacco leaves, Patton’s mining and sorting of intangible digital information or Sepuya’s gathering of his peers, their artwork is a testament to the importance of accumulation as a practical and conceptual device."

Layout of Sepuya's Studio Work book
Layout of Sepuya's Studio Work book

Sepuya's recently-successful Kickstarter project is a 200-page volume of his photography portraits, nudes, still-lifes, and studio documentation all created in his year-long residency at the Studio Museum. He expects to complete his edit this Fall and debut the book in Spring 2012. In compiling his studio work into one book, Sepuya hopes to demonstrate how "each portrait or still life is constructed amidst the unfinished editing process of those works that preceded it, and in reference to those other images that surround us."

Focusing on the "pleasures and burdens of portraiture," Sepuya explains his portraits "are of the people in my life and my projects focus on the roles the camera, the act of portrait making, and the resulting image/objects play in the understanding of and construction of friendship, sex, and intimacy." Rather than employing photography as journalism, Sepuya sees his images as highly personal and subjective. "The portrait does not claim an objective record of those involved, as they are by nature tied to my own desires and concerns. I use repetition and simple formal elements to set up a visual language to open the possibilities of reading the work over time."

"Evidence of Accumulation" runs through October 23.

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