Kontiki Deluxe: Reviving a Lost Classic

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If a Beatles-sounding band seeped into your cyber soundwaves, would you pay attention? Of course you would. But back in 1997 when Beatles-sounding band Cotton Mather put out its second album, Kontiki, on 4-track cassette and ADAT, nobody stateside paid much attention. Europe, on the other hand, went mad for the thing, and the papers buzzed with praise for the band’s Austin-bred Britpop sound and “the best album the Fab Four never made.”

Ah, dry those tears of shame, fellow Americans. Our second chance to recognize these natives has come. Bandmate Robert Harrison (note last name) is re-releasing the “lost classic” — which will include an 11-track bonus CD of archived goodness — in this Kontiki Deluxe project. And as if the haircuts weren’t cool enough, his project video is like an episode of Behind the Music with some sketch comedy thrown in. Who knows, you might go groopie and spring for Harrison’s track-by-track analysis and personal video reward!

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