Kickstarter Transparency and Copyright

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This year we’ve taken steps to make Kickstarter more transparent regarding copyright disputes. Like many internet services, Kickstarter receives notices under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act from people and companies that say material on our site infringes their copyright. We respect copyright and intellectual property, and we comply with the law in these situations.

When we receive a valid DMCA notice, we pause the project’s funding and remove it from public view. The DMCA allows the project creator to file a counter-notice disputing the claim. In some instances the dispute is resolved and the project can continue its funding. In others it isn’t.

In March, we began posting a link to the DMCA notice when we remove a project. We wanted backers to have a full picture of what had happened with the project. Last month we began working with Chilling Effects Clearinghouse to post the notices on their site. Chilling Effects is an educational project from the Electronic Frontier Foundation and several law schools that collects DMCA notices and makes them public.

We’re big fans of the EFF’s mission and work, and we’re happy to support them and collaborate with Chilling Effects on this project. We continue to look for ways to be more transparent about how Kickstarter works. Thanks!

    1. Sweet & Salty's Owes Me a Refund on

      If Kickstarter is so transparent, what's your phone number??

    2. Missing avatar

      Zsolt Kurucz on

      About a week ago I asked a related question through contact page, no answer yet. Why do you allow an exact copy of old kickstarter project? If this is not a webshop but funding of somebody ideas to put in production the copy project is against the original idea.

    3. Elon & Nick on

      There is a RACIST issue with who ever declined my project. You guys dont give phone number to call and complain about issues. If you see this I will really appreciate you contacting me and helping me solve it.

    4. John Dimatos

      Great post!

    5. thainen on

      It's funny how Kickstarter "respects copyright and intellectual property" -- given that crowdfounding is exactly the thing that is going to bury copyright and replace the industry that lobbies it. Thanks to you, information will be free, and still you have to submit to modern day IP fascists.

    6. Dee Baig on

      That’s good improvement. Yancey Strickler, we acknowledge your efforts for the end-user satisfaction. You are doing fantastic job. Knowing end-task should help come up with solutions and avoid confusion. This is what you are doing and this is what makes Kickstarter the world’s largest funding platform. Keep it up.


    7. Jigsaw Furnishings on

      Transparency is the way to go. Thanks Kickstarter.

    8. Sweet & Salty's Owes Me a Refund on

      Hey Kickstarter. I wasn't kidding. If you are so transparent, please post contact info including a phone number and an email that we can use to reach you.

    9. Missing avatar

      Mich S. on

      What's your contact email, phone number and address? I can't find it on your website. If I missed it, please help me find it by sharing the link. Thanks!

    10. Wynand Engelbrecht on

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    11. Missing avatar

      Namaku Keren on

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    12. Missing avatar

      Doa Ibu Tersayang on

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