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Kickstarter Projects Live at Maker Faire NYC

Maker Faire NYC is this weekend at the New York Hall of Science, and Kickstarter will be representing in full force. We’ll be hanging out at our booth with lots of goodies to share (Kickstarter buttons!), so come by and say hi.

You also won’t want to miss any of these amazing Kickstarter projects at the fair:

Pop-up Art Studio’s Papermaking Workshop

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The Pop-Up Art Studio will show you how to make paper out of things like bananas and onions — fun! Can’t make it out? You can still support the project here.

ModKit Demonstrates DIY Electronics

Project image

ModKit will show you how to use their graphical programming interface to build electronics like motors, sensors, lights, sound, and the popular Arduino and Arduino compatible development boards. You can also support them here.

The Lifesize Mousetrap’s Rube Goldberg-style Kinetic Sculpture

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Watch the Life Size Mousetrap in action. It’s a 16 piece, 50,000-lb. interactive kinetic sculpture set atop a 6,500-square-foot game board. Wow!

A Muscle Wire Demonstration

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Learn how to make cool stuff with muscle wire, a unique metal that bends when an electrical current is applied.

Kickstarter at Maker Faire

Our very own Perry Chen will be speaking on the Maker Square Stage, as well as participating on a panel discussion about creative businesses.


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