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XOXO, a Kickstarter-funded arts and technology festival, kicks off in Portland today, and Kickstarter is part of the fun. 

Kickstarter's home away from home here in Portland is a lovely corner on the ground floor of YU Contemporary, where the XOXO organizers have invited a number of their favorite creative organizations and individuals to hold court, sell wares, or simply hang out. We're doing all three! 

Our own Yancey Strickler will be presenting at the conference alongside keynote speakers Dan Harmon, creator of Community and on the team of Anomalisa, which just became the most funded film project on Kickstarter, and Myth Busters' Adam Savage

While the conference portion is sold out – attendees snapped up tickets via XOXO's Kickstarter project this past June in just two days – the market is open to the public Friday through Sunday from 9:30AM to 6:00PM

Kickstarter is thrilled to be a part of the weekend's events! If you're in Portland we hope you'll stop by and say hello. We can't wait to meet you, introduce you to some amazing projects, and hopefully to each other. 

Kickstarter Curated at XOXO

Team Kickstarter has rounded up a collection of projects from Portland and beyond, and created a museum-like display for visitors to browse and discover exciting new ideas brought to life on Kickstarter. 

  • We've got exclusive Portland-inspired journals and pencils waiting for you to take notes on all the exciting discoveries made at XOXO.
  • While you're here, look for the Kickstarter-green mailbox and grab a limited edition postcard designed by our friends at Jolby. Keep one for yourself, or write a message to a friend and we'll send "Greetings from XOXO" on your behalf!
  • Mike Perry – whose Kickstarter-funded exhibit Wondering Around Wandering debuted to backers in Brooklyn last night – gave us some of his famed XEROX prints, available gratis to XOXO market attendees. 
  • Plus, Kickstarter staff will be on hand at the booth all weekend long! We'd love to say hi, give you a tour of our projects exhibit, chat about your potential or current project, or share some XOXO fun. 

Kickstarter Creators at XOXO

Want to meet the people behind some of your new favorite Kickstarter projects? Come visit them through out the weekend at our booth! 

  • Kio Stark, author of Don't Go Back To School will be signing books
  • Max Temkin, co-creator of Cards Against Humanity (our booth neighbors at XOXO), will be selling prints from his recently successful project Philosophy Posters.
  • Matthew Lippencott, creator of Balloon Mapping Kits is on-hand to demo.
  • Following her XOXO talk, singer-songwriter Julia Nunes will join us in the booth to sell CDs.
  • Travis Feldman creator of the Molecule Synth will demo his working prototype, also on display all weekend.
  • Meghan Sinnott, co-author of PDX by Bike, will be selling copies of their zine. 
  • The duo behind Etchpop will show us how to make your very own prints from laser-etched woodblock prints. 

The Kickstarter community abounds beyond the two walls of our booth at XOXO. Projects including The Jammy, A Reading Frenzy, Walnut Studio, and many more have standalone booths here at YU. 

Beyond XOXO

Art Program Director Stephanie Pereira will be also be hosting free a Kickstarter School & Social Hour with Disjecta Contemporary Art Center on Monday evening, September 17, from 7pm to 8pm. Join us for a drink and learn how to bring your project to life. More info and RSVP here.


    1. Kyle Durrie on

      Hi guys, I'm not mentioned on the XOXO website for some reason, but I wanted to let you know that I'll be there with the Moveable Type truck on Sunday! Looking forward to seeing you! - Kyle

    2. Ryan

      It's only a matter of time before kickstarter has their own convention :)

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      Danielle Sierra on

      Claudia RosarioOlvera recommended this project to me. I donated $5.

    4. Dopson Peter on

      Please put me down for convention tickets...When it happens. High ten Kickstarter.! ( Both hands up )

    5. Andrea Chung on

      You are in my city! Sucks I'm working in Bogota. Enjoy!

    6. Alex de Paz on

      Great job bringing things together but in all fairness to the people investing, the technology has existed for a while. Here is a link to where you can buy some bulbs and remotes. As for your wifi and app — nice job.

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