Kickstarter Music Promises to Keep It Weird at SXSW

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Your favorite weirdos, Meredith & Russell
Your favorite weirdos, Meredith & Russell

Like everybody else who loves music and…[squints at list]...huge untamed crowds and walking through piles of unsorted recycling, we’re off to SXSW Music!

For the next week, my cohort Russell Elliot (of Kickstarter’s People Team, but also a brilliantly successful Kickstarter Music creator and oh my god have you heard this song??) and yours truly will be kicking dust all over South Congress, sneaking into your shows, eating all the tacos, trying on all the most psychedelic vintage, getting selfies with our heroes, and most importantly—

—seeing you, your band, your friends’ bands, and your friends’ band’s bands, and talking to you about music.

We wanna have all of the good, bad, inevitably weird ‘I didn’t think people were supposed to talk about that’ kinds of conversations, whether it’s gender disparity in festival lineups, adding morality clauses to label contracts, how to book shows if your town doesn’t have any shows, what the scene is like (or what you want it to be like) where you’re from, being the queer weirdo outlier in a macho genre, being a better ally in this industry, conquering stage fright and performance anxiety, and, of course, how to run a successful Kickstarter Music campaign.

We want to come to your shows and cheer you on like proud, weird, gender-nonconforming dance moms.

We want to invite you to our Airstream trailer and make you pancakes (seriously) and be the people who will legitimately listen to you as you break down all the really crazy things you’ve had to deal with since you started thinking about signing with a label.

We’re ready to strategize, hand-hold, snack, and cry our way through your scariest industry concerns.

And, we want to amplify your incredible creativity, your music, and your message through the photo and video series we’re making while we’re down there. (What, you thought we could work at a place that exists to ‘Help Bring Creative Projects to Life’ without making one of our own?)

So: where are you playing, when, and with whom? Are you big mad about something to do with music and in need of someone to commiserate with?

Do you have questions, comments, concerns that you know would get shoved to the bottom of the bottom of the priorities pile were you to ask them of a Fancy Industry Executive?

Holler at us on social media, because why front like we do things differently than anybody else? I am here. Russell is here.

With love and oh my god what are we doing,

Meredith (Director of Music) + Russell (Brains of Thee Operation)

p.s. For those playing along at home, you can also follow our misadventures on Kickstarter’s Twitter and Instagram.