Kickstarter: It's Like Getting Into Bed With Strangers

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We’ve just been knocked off our rockers by one filmmaker’s hilarious struggle to ask people for support by making an “uncomfortable” comparison to climbing into bed with a bunch of strangers  — and then trying to reenact it. We highly recommend checking out the full video over on Jocelyn Towne’s project page, but it’s also worth digging deep into their “conceptual bed” right here, right now. Enter, Jocelyn and her husband Simon…

Jocelyn: Asking people to give money is like asking them to get in bed with you and that’s kind of weird if you don’t know them.

Simon: Right…

J: Mariana, hey, would you like to get in bed with us?

S: Hey, what are you…

Mariana: Wee!

J: I mean this isn’t that weird because we actually know her… Hey you guys, would you like to get in bed too?

All: Yeah!

J: We all know each other so this isn’t that weird. Oh but this is someone I don’t know, hi I’m Jocelyn. *handshake* Oh, would you like to get in bed with us? I’m Jocelyn.

All: Come on in!

S: I have a question. I mean, isn’t this a little like prostitution? I mean people are paying to get in bed with us…

J: No, but this is a metaphor.

S: But it feels pretty real to me, someone is crushing my privates.

J: But it’s still a concept. This is a conceptual bed. And we would like you to get into our conceptual bed with us.

All: Yeah!

Okay, it’s really all in the delivery, so make sure to jump into bed with this charming gang here. Wee!