Kickstarter Is Now Open to Creators in Japan

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Ukiyo-e Heroes: Boss Fights

日本の伝統的芸術と、コンテンポラリーカルチャーを融合させた Ukiyo-e Heroes。ビデオゲームのキャラクターを木版画という伝統的な手法で制作。今回は「full of energy and conflict」という新シリーズの展開。



Maruhi Cup and Saucer


Space Editor




As of today, we are officially open to creators in Japan.

Artists, authors, filmmakers, musicians, designers, and creators of all types can now launch projects and find support from Kickstarter’s global community of backers.

Japanese culture embodies a spirit of creativity and a tradition of innovation — characteristics that run deep within Kickstarter, too. Since our launch eight years ago, more than 300 creators in Japan have worked with collaborators in other countries to run Kickstarter projects, including a documentary about sake production, an action platformer from a legendary video game designer, and a toy robot that connects family members through voice messages. In the same time frame, nearly 100,000 backers from Japan have supported Kickstarter projects from all of our creative categories and from all over the world. Today we’re honored to build on this strong foundation by officially welcoming all creators from to Japan to join our community.

In addition to making it easy for creators in Japan to launch projects using their Japanese bank account and identification, we’ve made the Kickstarter site and mobile apps available in Japanese. We’re also providing customer support and project review in Japanese. Kickstarter is dedicated to supporting the needs of Japanese creators, and we will continue listening and improving the experience for the local community in Japan.

We can’t wait to see what Japanese creators bring to life on Kickstarter. To kick things off, explore a few outstanding projects from Japan that are live now:

Ukiyo-e Heroes: Boss Fights

Merging an ancient Japanese art form with contemporary culture, the creators of Ukiyo-e Heroes produce traditional Japanese woodblock prints depicting video game characters. They’ve returned to Kickstarter with a new series of artworks “full of energy and conflict.”


Toggle between Japanese and English text as you read this innovative ebook collecting all eighteen volumes of the 1980s manga series Fist of the North Star.

Maruhi Cup and Saucer

Designed to make everyday life “just a little more special,” this cup and saucer combo contains a secret compartment where you can hide a note, a toy, or a treat.

Space Editor

Players participate in the creation of the universe in this tabletop game inspired by the tale of the Hindu god Brahma.

Explore more live projects from creators in Japan here.