Kickstarter Is Not a Store

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It's hard to know how many people feel like they're shopping at a store when they're backing projects on Kickstarter, but we want to make sure that it's no one. Today we're introducing a number of changes to reinforce that Kickstarter isn’t a store — it’s a new way for creators and audiences to work together to make things. We’d like to walk you through these changes now.

Creators must talk about “Risks and Challenges”

Today we added a new section to the project page called "Risks and Challenges." All project creators are now required to answer the following question when creating their project:

“What are the risks and challenges this project faces, and what qualifies you to overcome them?”

We added the "Risks and Challenges" section to reinforce that creators' projects are in development. Before backing a project, people can judge both the creator's ability to complete their project as promised and whether they feel the creator is being open and honest about the risks and challenges they face.

The new section will appear below the project description of projects that launch starting today.

New Hardware and Product Design Project Guidelines

The development of new products can be especially complex for creators and seductive to backers. Today we’re adding additional guidelines for Hardware and Product Design projects. 

They are:

  • Product simulations are prohibited. Projects cannot simulate events to demonstrate what a product might do in the future. Products can only be shown performing actions that they’re able to perform in their current state of development.
  • Product renderings are prohibited. Product images must be photos of the prototype as it currently exists.

Products should be presented as they are. Over-promising leads to higher expectations for backers. The best rule of thumb: under-promise and over-deliver.

We've also added the following guideline for Hardware and Product Design projects:

  • Offering multiple quantities of a reward is prohibited. Hardware and Product Design projects can only offer rewards in single quantities or a sensible set (some items only make sense as a pair or as a kit of several items, for instance). The development of new products can be especially complex for creators and offering multiple quantities feels premature, and can imply that products are shrink-wrapped and ready to ship.

These guidelines are effective for all Hardware and Product Design projects that launch starting today.

We hope these updates reinforce that Kickstarter isn't a traditional retail experience and underline the uniqueness of Kickstarter. Thanks for reading, and thanks as always for using Kickstarter.

UPDATE (Monday, September 24): We just posted an update answering follow-up questions from this post. We've also pasted the content of that post below.

Kickstarter announced that it's prohibiting product renderings in the Hardware and Product Design categories, but "rendering" can mean a lot of things. What does Kickstarter mean?

To clarify, we mean photorealistic renderings of a product concept. Technical drawings, CAD designs, sketches, and other parts of the design process will continue to be allowed. Seeing the guts of the creative process is important. We love that stuff. However renderings that could be mistaken for finished products are prohibited.

Do the new guidelines mean that Kickstarter will only accept Hardware and Product Design projects with finished products?

Not at all. We simply ask creators to share with backers exactly what’s been done so far, show how the product currently works, and explain how it will be completed. In short, we expect creators to show their work. Backers have shown that they're happy to get involved in projects that are in earlier stages when the creator is clear about the remaining work and their ability to complete it.

Do the new guidelines apply beyond Hardware and Product Design projects that are developing new products?

No. The new guidelines only apply to Hardware and Product Design projects that are developing new products. These guidelines do not apply to Design projects like the LowLine and +Pool or Hardware projects like Stompy: The Giant Rideable Walking Robot. Why? They aren’t developing new products that backers are expecting in their mailboxes.

How will Kickstarter know whether something is a simulation or rendering?

We may not know. We do only a quick review to make sure a project meets our guidelines. If an obvious simulation or photorealistic rendering is spotted during that review, that project will not be allowed to launch. If a simulation or photorealistic rendering is discovered after a project launches, that project will be canceled. Everyone should continue to use their best judgment when deciding whether or not to back a project.

Kickstarter announced that Hardware and Product Design rewards could only be offered in single quantities. What if my product works best as a pair or as a set of five?

As we noted in the announcement, sensible sets are fine. If your piece of hardware is best offered as a set of five, that's okay, however you couldn’t also offer it as a single piece. Creators will have to decide what works best for their project.

Final thoughts?

We created Kickstarter so more creative work could exist in the world, and last week's changes are in service of that mission. We're confident that these updates will lead to an even better Kickstarter. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, and thanks for being a part of it!

    1. James Vital on

      Run your scripts with easy features from kickstarter clone for just $1000 dollar

    2. Joseph Serrano on

      I continue to see kickstarter campaigns break this...mainly technology ones by not just making pledges so people can get multiple (Some kickstarter is taking off), but by openly asking people to create multiple accounts to purchase more.

      this should not be allowed as well because if a user does not know he can create multiple accounts to purchase more (Thus making it a store) then the odds of it happening are much less. I think this should be cracked down on.

      I am not talking about multiple accounts, but just the kickstarter campaigns finding loopholes in the rules

    3. Missing avatar

      Chad on

      The multiple item rule is restrictive and limits the funding potential of a project for no apparent purpose except to pretend that sales transactions are not happening here. They are. Backing is the same as pre-purchasing a product, in accepting a backers money, the project creator also agrees to provide what's selected in the specified tier. That's a sales agreement, with an offer and acceptance.

      There needs to be a rendering restriction in place so people aren't mislead, but this is the wrong one. Renderings are essential for some products. The rule should simply be that renderings must be identified as renders that may not be representative of the final product, and photos of the current product must be shown alongside the rendering.

      The Risks and Challenges section is a great idea.

    4. MadMage on

      If the intent is to be investment without feeling 'like a store', then why is it that practically every game-development project offers little more than a copy of the game at completion? In fact, most projects are presented simply as a 'pre-order' of an item you'd like to receive when development is completed. I haven't seen a single one that claims to act like any investment I've ever seen - which often offer returns in the form of interest on money offered or stock in the growing company.

    5. Céline .S. Sauvé on

      Interesting. I just found this now, but there are at least four projects I backed _BEFORE_ this Blog post was created. I still hold Kickstarter accountable if and when enough of us Backers get annoyed at over two-year old waits with nothing to show for our "Pledges". Pledges given, quite clearly, for the "rewards" (aka PRODUCTS) listed to the right of each page of those four Projects.

    6. Missing avatar

      john smith on

      Capture, The Oona, TikTok + LunaTik, Infinite Loop, Isostick, Trigger Trap, Elevation Dock, Nesl, Brydge, Synergy Aircraft, Taktik, Nifty MiniDrive, OUYA, POP, Oculus Rift, Slim, Instacube, SmartThings, LIFX, and of course, Pebble.

    7. Leeron Webb (Night Lemon Publishing) on

      I am trying to find the category, "Product Design and Hardware" in the list of project categories but I don't see it anywhere... I am confused.

    8. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      Hi Kickstarter,
      I am really confused by your "single servings" policy, specifically for product and hardware design projects, limits rewards from offering multiples. I think the community deserves a better clarification than "multiple quantities can imply that rewards are shrink-wrapped and ready to ship when they’re not". It seems that this policy is enforced haphazardly and and not well reasoned. Many campaigns on your homepage offer multiples of their products as a reward which appears to be prohibited. I'm not sure we really know what "sensible sets" means? Obviously I understand a salt and pepper shaker (one compliments the other), but I'm extremely confused how two of the same pairs of jeans is a "sensible set"? Or how two of the same iPhone cords is a "sensible set"? Of how 10 beer shotgunning keychains is a sensible set? Or how two sets of a dice game is a sensible set?…

      Additionally it seems that this bullet "Projects cannot offer rewards in bulk quantities (more than 10)" adds even more confusion.

      Eager for a clear statement on this. If it is on a case by case basis perhaps you can post some cases and your rational so that other will not be as confused as I am. I will post campaigns that appear to be offering multiples of products in the comments.

      Matt Grandin

    9. Missing avatar

      Joel et Monique Bautista on

      HI everyone, we have launched “ Haitian delights" recently on Kickstarter, and we believe even if we go to family or friends but we need OTHER PEOPLE TO ENJOY in a easier way to discover projects, or they wont hear about them until it is too late, backers might be interested so take a look

    10. MadMage on

      This whole blog post is horse shit; so, a company offering a pre-development pre-order system is trying to convince gullible people that it is not a store without actually defining what it is - because they can't. It's a sales transaction, plain and simple. The only reason they're trying to 'hide' as something else is to avoid laws governing how sales transactions work and the liability that comes with a project's failure to make good on it's promises.

      How about a bit less bull and a bit more honest, Kickstarter?

    11. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Kickstarter is not a store. Nope, it's a scam at 5%.

    12. Robert Burke

      It's very confusing that Kickstarter says it is "not a store" but then allows projects like this:
      How is selling a game that is ALREADY published and won the Spiel des Jahres 2 years ago a "creative project"?

    13. Samantha Ames on

      Typo in the 1st sentence? Should be "It's NOT one"

    14. Missing avatar

      GameFan on

      A while ago Jesse here wrote "the first item in the list of prohibited items: "Rewards not directly produced by the creator or the project itself" " I can find no such item. Where is it, please?

    15. Missing avatar

      Ed Hurtley on

      It's time to update this blog. The Pebble Time project violates most of the rules of this blog post - and is extremely obviously a case of "a purchase from a store" project.

      I have no problem with the Pebble Time (I have it backed for two watches, and my wife has it backed on her account for another.) But people who still cling to the "we're crowdfunding something" for Pebble Time are just deluding themselves. And the fact that Kickstarter is allowing Pebble to violate so many of the "hardware project" rules is just nuts. (The page is full of photo-quality renders, the reward tiers include only "one for one" levels - an amount of money for the physical device, increasing linearly by number of devices, and it includes a >10 item reward level.)

      It's time to either REFUSE projects like Pebble Time, that are obviously "established company selling a new product in a store-like relationship", or make clear that those kinds of projects are explicitly allowed. (Maybe time to split KS in to two sub-sites? One for the original-intent 'art project' projects, and one for 'buying a manufactured good before it comes out' projects?)

    16. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    17. O on

      RENDERINGS PROHIBITED.... wow i can't believe this ... i thought kickstarter is about visions .. how will people communicate their visions without visual tools? i am very disapointed about this new rule ... I was just about to start a product campaign including renderings here... seems to be the wrong place now, sadly: GOOD BYE KICKSTARTER - HELLO INDIEGOGO

    18. O on

      ok.. just realized these rules were changed ..... all good

    19. Missing avatar

      Daniel Sternglass on

      Is it acceptable to show photographs of an operating preliminary prototype, with the intention of shipping a production version with significantly improved ID, that only exists in CAD? it would only be shown in CAD, not as a render. Also, is there a time limit on the promised delivery date, e.g. is roughly one year acceptable? I understand that the risk factors need to be conveyed clearly.

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