Kickstarter in the UK: The First Month

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On October 31, 2012, Kickstarter opened to projects from UK-based creators for the first time. How has it gone? Let’s have a look at what transpired in the first month.

Statistics for projects from UK-based creators (October 31, 2012 — November 30, 2012)

Total Pledged: £2,069,164
Total Backers: 45,799
Launched Projects: 407
Successfully Funded Projects: 30

In Kickstarter's first month in the UK, an amazing £2 million was pledged to UK creators. That works out to £48 in pledges each minute.

Of the 400 projects that have launched, 30 have already been successfully funded and many more are on their way. A public art project called the Chime Pavilion was the first successfully funded project, with triple its funding goal. The very first project to launch, a hardware project called Picade, was successfully funded with £74,000 pledged — double its funding goal.

Projects have launched from creators all across the UK, including Belfast, Brighton, Cambridge, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Hull, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Nottingham, York, and other places in between. You can see all UK projects listed here.

Location of UK creators' backers (Based on user settings and IP addresses)

Nearly 50,000 people have backed a project from a UK creator. Where are those backers located? Here's a breakdown:

UK backers: 39%
EU backers: 23%
US backers: 23%
Other areas: 15%

To date, 39% of backers have come from within the UK and 61% have come from outside of it. (For US projects, 78% of backers have been from the US and 22% outside of it.) Of the EU countries, Germany, Sweden, France, Denmark, and the Netherlands are home to the most backers so far.

Projects from UK creators are finding support from local backers and being discovered by people all around the world. We're thrilled by their success. Thanks to the hard work of creators and the support of their enthusiastic backers, an amazing array of new creative works are already coming to life. Congratulations to all of them, and cheers!

    1. Melitha Champion on

      Kickstarter has provided an amazing platform for the creative industry in the UK.
      It's not new, its not innovative but it us user friendly.

      We planned, launched and may not be one of the successful Uk Kickstarter projects but the experience is invaluable.
      We have come out of our comfort zone to openly talk and express our dreams, and ambitious plans share them with our friends and family. Unfortunately we never reached the Kickstarter crowd, maybe we are the ultimate wallflowers but for 30 days we came, we launched and we will take away a piece of the wall with us forever.

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      deleted on

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      deleted on

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    4. martiz on

      I have a gutsy feeling that Kickstarter might ogle to the rest of the European market, especially Germany and France. Because Germany does have a lot of potential and France due to being the big neighbor of Germany and also the second language in Canada and thus big neighbor of Uncle Sam :)

    5. Joel phillips on

      Is there any discussions about kickstarter coming to Australian projects? I feel like there is plenty of innovative projects that are waiting for the opportunity. Unfortunately the crowed funding sites we currently have don't have enough exposure especially for the technical projects.

    6. Clement on

      I feel the £ thing is more a limitation toward a project success than something else. It's such an expensive money + not as appealing as dollars. It cuts a big target audience from US/EU (outside UK). I feel like people are more likely to fund a project with a Y $ goal than a project with a X £ goal (with X £ = Y $). I hope this is just a feeling though :P

    7. Missing avatar

      Nimish Shah

      I've thought about funding multiple UK projects only to back out when it came to the payment screen because my prefered credit card wasn't an option. Is there any chance that the UK site can also use Amazon Payments or Paypal?

    8. Glen Cooper on

      Are you guys going to do another series of Kickstarter School presentations in 2013

    9. Joachim H. Hartung on

      Wann kommt Kickstarter nach Deutschland? Denkt bitte auch an Square und/oder andere Payments Anbieter.

    10. James Heathcote on

      @Clement I'm going to have to disagree. With £, the people who the project is most likely to be aimed at know exactly how much money they want and can relate to the value of it, and then back it accordingly. I know that $ could simply be converted but people will be more likely to back something if it is easier to work out.

    11. David Haynes on

      I'd been planning a project for quite sometime and had my fingers (and toes) crossed that you'd make this service accessible across the pond. Fortunately you did, my project is now LIVE and is going rather well, and ultimately it's all down to you guys at Kickstarter! (check out my project if you wish).x

    12. Malte Kosian on

      When will kickstarter come to Europe - Germany, Netherlands, France, Sweden, Italy, Poland , Spain, Belgium etc?

    13. Lawson Noble on

      Interesting .. I am about to upload an App project & was going for a USA launch .. but now I get pointed to a UK based launch. Do you (anyone reading) thing that UK projects will in the end attract as much attention? i.e. do many non-UK backers look for UK projects? Just musing before I press the buttons!

    14. Missing avatar

      back to the future on

      I think the issue for Kickstarter is about whether the projects it funds are actually really geninue "Art/Creativity" or a way for someone to make a fast buck or in this case pound.

      I have serious concerns about praying on the vulnerability in some cases with young people's addictions to the "internet/gaming" and getting into debt etc. to fund a fandom. I know this is happening and it is causing a lot of distress in some families, it certainly has in ours.. SOME people are praying on this and raising vast sums in excess of their targets which will go straight in their pocket. I find this very disturbing indeed.

      I can see that it also has a beneficial element to it like the gentleman above David Haynes who is clearly funding a very small project that is going to help others rather than himself.

      I think there need to be far more stringent controls on what is actually "art/creativity" and basically pure commerical abuse.

    15. Missing avatar

      dams epixz on

      To quote Malte Kosian : When will kickstarter come to Europe - Germany, Netherlands, France, Sweden, Italy, Poland , Spain, Belgium etc?
      I have a few design project i would like to start as an independant artist this would really be a plus and a way to have an international recognition and maybe get in contact with new potential market

    16. Gian Marco Sanna on

      Hi guys. Does anybody knows if this is a one-shot deal? I mean, what if you don't reach the amount you set? Could you try one more time?...maybe with a different approach and/or amount ? Thanks!

    17. Missing avatar

      deleted on

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    18. Missing avatar

      Namaku Keren on

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    19. Missing avatar

      Doa Ibu Tersayang on

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