Kickstarter in the UK

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In July we tweeted that Kickstarter would open up to UK-based projects for the first time this autumn. Today we're very excited to announce that that day has finally arrived. Hooray!

Beginning October 31, people in the United Kingdom will be able to launch their projects on Kickstarter. Beginning today, people in the UK can get started building their projects by clicking on the "Start a new project" button on the Start page and selecting the UK as their country. When we're ready for projects to launch on October 31, we'll send an email letting them know that they can hit the launch button whenever they're ready.

Let's run through the basics on how things will work.

So UK creators can start building their Kickstarter projects as early as today, and launch them beginning October 31?

Yes. We thought the three-week gap would give everyone plenty of time to build and tweak their projects before launching. Beginning October 31, they can launch and share their projects with the world.

Will there be a UK-specific Kickstarter site?

Nope. UK-based projects will be listed alongside all the other Kickstarter projects.

Can people outside the UK pledge to UK projects?

Yes! Just like every other project on Kickstarter, backers can pledge to UK-based projects from all around the world.

What currency will UK projects be listed in?

All UK projects will be listed in pounds sterling. If you are pledging from outside the UK, you will see the approximate conversion rate to US dollars before you complete your pledge.

Will backing UK projects be similar to backing US projects?

The mechanics of Kickstarter (all-or-nothing funding, rewards, etc.) are identical for US and UK projects. When pledging, however, backers of UK projects will enter their payment information directly on Kickstarter rather than through Amazon Payments. All pledges will be processed securely through a third-party payments processor.

Are the fees for UK and US projects the same?

Like the US, Kickstarter will charge a 5% fee to successfully funded projects and no fee to unsuccessfully funded projects in the UK.

Payment processing fees for UK projects are similar to those for US projects. For UK projects, the processing fees are:

Pledges less than £10 are charged 5% + £0.05
Pledges of £10 or greater are charged 3% + £0.20

Any other changes to go along with this announcement?

Today we also launched a streamlined international shipping option for both US and UK projects.

Creators have been asking backers to add international shipping costs to their pledges for years, and it wasn’t uncommon for backers to miss the instructions. Today’s update makes it clearer when the creator has requested that international backers add an additional amount to their pledges.

We’ve also made it easier for creators to limit rewards to domestic backers only, as international shipping can be a difficult part of the process.

We felt it was important to get this change out with this international expansion. This feature is available to both UK and US projects that launch starting today.

Anything else?

We’re really excited! This is the product of months of work by our team, and we want to thank them for their hard work. Thanks as well to all the UK creators who have patiently waited for this day. We can’t wait to start backing your projects. Thanks so much!

    1. Missing avatar

      pixriver on

      Awesome news. There's a wealth of talent here in the U.K. We've got some firsts in technology and it's nice that all the bedroom/studio/garage inventors have access to Kickstarter. This is the best news I've heard all year ! Thanks to everyone at Kickstarter H.Q. and everyone who worked on the U.K. launch ! :-) :-) :-)

    2. Brendan O'Neill on

      Great news. Thanks to all at Kickstarter - your reach is that much bigger than other sites so I've been dying for you to bring this in.

    3. Richard Bliss on

      Nicely done. There will be a lot of UK project owners very happy to be able to launch their projects in country.

    4. Andrew Denham on

      This is huge news.. so excited!

    5. Jonathan Perry on

      This is great news. Can't wait to see what comes out from the UK! Though I find it funny that Kickstarter can announce these new changes ahead of time, but the design rules put in place last month were brought in without warning... just saying.

    6. Balda

      Very good news ! Have you planned to open other country ? I'm french and i dream "kickstarting" a french project ;)

    7. Jan Sapper on

      GREAT!!! I was waiting for this!

    8. Missing avatar

      Ryan on

      Woo! Let's do Australia next ;)

    9. Inouk on

      If a backer from the US support a UK project will his credit card be charged in Dollars or Pound ?
      For some projects might be easier for project creator to receive pledges in US Dollars, is it something planned ?

    10. Jon Colverson on

      Ah, wonderful news! I would like to echo the question of above, though. It would be preferable to charge US backers in USD because some cards (especially pre-paid ones) reject payments in foreign currencies altogether, and others require the cardholder to contact their bank to be able to make foreign payments.

      If possible I would prefer the option to have my UK project listed and the rewards priced in USD as well, simply because I expect that most of my backers will be from the US and it would be nicer to have the rewards priced in more familiar terms (e.g. $10 instead of $9.71) and without the uncertainty of currency conversions and fees.

    11. Ber on

      This sounds great! I'm intrigued by the mention of international shipping support ... any screenshots or links to projects using it so I can see what it looks like?

    12. TMATE fine teatools on

      Is it now possible to launch a project in UK as a German?

    13. Bruno Galice on

      Some great news but why only UK and not all European countries ?

      Do you know that there are other countries other than USA and UK?

      BtW, your new rules and only expanding to UK based companies is still a no go and a great way to support Indiegogo...

    14. Patrick Henschel on

      An answer why only UK and not Europe would be nice. Maybe then we'll get some light in this mystery.

    15. Roger Ellman on

      Bravo! WELCOME! You are going to be offering a great service, meeting of the minds and addition to progress and prosperity in the UK.

      Also very good that this is a one site for the world system (no seperate - usually ends up being second level - UK site or segmentation). We live on the globe, in the world. Glad you recognize this!

      Do well and may many do well as a result.

      Best, and SuperbWorld

    16. Missing avatar

      pixriver on

      ....Presses CTRL C then scrolls down and presses CTRL V...

      "What currency will UK projects be listed in?

      All UK projects will be listed in pounds sterling. If you are pledging from outside the UK, you will see the approximate conversion rate to US dollars before you complete your pledge. ...."

      My personal opinion (I'm not connected to Kickstarter in anyway)
      I run a business in London and it's tricky. I'm sure running a site like Kickstarter takes a tremendous amount of resources and energy. As a business, I'm sure they've got a road map ahead of which countries they're going to launch in. It would be awesome if the whole world was onboard, but it's going to take time....

      Imagine how long it took companies to expand 20 years ago ? We've come a long way. But there are still things which will take time. I'm not sure whether they expand according to popularity, but I'm sure they expand in order to deliver or provide a good service and maintain consistency.

      As for other crowdfunding services/websites ..
      These are good for all of us as competition is healthy and provides us with better features/pricing/options.

      Which phone is better ? Which camera ? Which laptop ? Which monitor ?
      If we only had one brand they could set a price and we would have to pay it !

      I wish everyone all the best for both current and future projects !

    17. Tina Mammoser on

      thanks SO much! One question - if we've started a project already as US, can we change it to UK? (I'm a US and UK citizen and would prefer to switch my started, unlaunched project to UK)

    18. Gaetano on

      Hi, why people outside UK cannot use Kickstarter to fund their project? I would like to fund my project but at the moment I can't... even if we live all in the european community. So how could I fund my projects?

    19. John Bidder on

      Hi KickStarter! I've been waiting since May with a project I wrote up on the site back then. My question is, is there a way to convert my project which has been complete since May on my account so that it's UK based when things go live?
      HOpe I've not skipped the answer to this one in your post! Very exciting.

    20. Missing avatar

      Andrew Oliver on

      Wow, This is brilliant news!
      I love the concept of putting the power back in the hands of the creators and there's so many creative people in the UK. I'm a frequent pledger (for games), But now I'll have to think about setting up my own project. :)
      Thank you KickStarter team.

    21. Matej Skubic on

      Is there a plan supporting other EU countries?

    22. Pier Paolo Mucelli on

      Thank if great news! We would be happy to collaboration for a launch day @eOfficeLondon on Soho, London, if you are interested

    23. Chris Dingemanse on

      Dear Kickstarter, we are planning a campaign from the Netherlands. Do we need a tax person in the UK? and correct me if i am wrong:
      Pledges less than £10 are charged 5% + £0.05
      Pledges of £10 or greater are charged 3% + £0.20

      and over the total pledge that you are receiving you have to pay another 5%?

      Kind regards,
      Chris Dingemanse

    24. Alain de Lamirande on

      This is really shameful !

      UK ? Really !

      Am I the only one that sees a problem here ? You guys decided that the next country in line to "qualify" for "permission" to start projects would be England !!!

      Ever heard of Canada ?

      For my part, I'm certain that many of my fellow countrymen are waiting in line to start project and yet, you didn't even consider opening the vanes !!

      Very disappointing and shameful !

    25. twrchtrwyth on

      Alain, shameful that you think the UK equals England. And there was more demand from the UK, this is a business and it will go where it thinks is most profitable.

    26. Jason McMillen on

      Surely there will be profit in adding Canadians, eh? :P

      I am happy for the UK of course, but was really hoping to start a Kickstarter of my own on this site. *fingers crossed*

    27. Andy Lundell

      Guys, the UK's population is double Canada's population. It makes sense to do UK before Canada.

    28. Yaroslav Bakh on

      Well, this is a good start, but when EU will be covered?

    29. Missing avatar

      Robert on

      What are the requirements to post a project on Kickstarter from the UK? Is it the same as in the U.S. case, you have to be resident in the country for some time, have a bank account there, etc? Please give this information and adding to the FAQ. I would be grateful.

    30. Alain de Lamirande on

      Maybe UK has more population. Nevertheless, Canada is the Number One economic partner with over 280 Billions of dollar each year (US census data) against 48 Billions for the UK for the same period of 2011.

      Maybe Canada is a small country but we share more than any other countries with the US. For me, it would have made more sense to start with Canada.

      I really don't know what was Kickstarter staff's motivation.

      As far as the comment UK=England, I'm not that stupid but here, we refer more to UK as "England" that UK. It's like in the US. The call the country America. Well, it's NOT America, it's the United States of America. Are we going to make a fuss about this ?

      I'm glad for UK, good for them, but as of right now, numbers speak for themselves !

      There are over 170 projects from Canada currently funding and that is considering the hurdles to overcome to be able to register, versus 69 for the whole of UK !!

      It only supports my point, they should have started by Canada instead !

    31. Aura on

      The newly added information regarding UK-based projects is the bare minimum, leaving a lot of questions unanswered. For instance:
      -- From the content here:, it looks like that a project can be launched from just anybody as a UK-based one if they don't fulfill the US requirements, unless the creator is a legal entity in which case they're required to be registered in the UK. But is this really the case?

      -- I aslo agree with those asking for more flexibility regarding the currency used; actually I think that an option for backers to choose the currency they'll be charged in would be best, as it can make a difference to the final amount charged in their home currency, as it depends on who's setting the conversion rate used for the final charge. The blog post states "If you are pledging from outside the UK, you will see the approximate conversion rate to US dollars before you complete your pledge."
      So, who's setting the conversion rate? This unidentified third-party payments processor? It's no secret that online payments processing services usually charge a higher conversion rate than one's bank/ card issuer. Will the final amount charged be based on the conversion rate of one's card issuer/ bank?

      -- And complete transparency as to the identy of this new "third-party payments processor" would be much appreciated, as well as a link to their site, so everyone can check them out.

      I think it's not much asked that you address these questions a.s.a.p.


    32. Florian Möller on

      Cool! :)

      Next stop germany?

    33. Missing avatar

      Alex Walker on

      Alain, I'm not sure what exactly you're trying to say with that. America is part of the name of the country. If you were saying Britain, you'd be totally correct there, as it's the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. But to call the UK England would be like calling the US Alaska. Just because it's the biggest part of it doesn't mean it's right to call it that.

      Onto the argument for Canada, I'm not entirely sure what being an economic partner of the US has to do with anything, or the number of projects currently on Kickstarter. Surely you can see that it is much, mush easier for a Canadian project to find an American to qualify than it is a UK based one purely by virtue of distance.

      As for economics, you have a shared electricity grid, and a huge amount of your exports are made up from energy. I can't particularly see how much relevance that has to Kickstarter. The most successful categories on kKckstarter are music, followed by film and video, art, theatre and the publishing.

      To describe the decision to go the the UK next rather than Canada is bizarre in the extreme. Disappointing perhaps. Bewildering maybe. But shameful? Come off it.

    34. Jay Jones on

      Why's Canada getting so moody? Lol they'll get to you soon be patient like Germany up there lol

    35. Stevep2342

      Is a new category of Location going to be added the Discover page so I can find UK, Canadian, German, French, etc based projects in future?

      Updating the current Cities feature so I can find projects that are based and ship locally.

    36. Missing avatar

      Elisabet Cuenca on

      Hi. We are from Spain. We want submit our project too!!!!

    37. John Willow on

      Will Paypal be an option for dealing with money transfers?

    38. Missing avatar

      Federico Danelli on

      I second many who wrote before: "this is a good start, but when EU will be covered?"
      I suppose that this will be the next step... we have common currency, substantially unified laws (almost in economics/bank data) so.... I'm waiting!
      Meanwhile, I'll try to find out some US/UK partner ^^

    39. Andy Lundell

      Haha. "Number one economic partner?" You make it sound like Kickstarter is being run by the State Department as some sort of economic growth program.

    40. Missing avatar

      Sanjay Wadhwani on

      Great news that Kickstarter is now open to UK projects! Hopefully this will provide a new solution to the funding gap that many UK creative companies face for projects and work alongside initiatives such as ours at Ascension Ventures, which provides capital for creative and digital companies to get off the ground or to the next stage.

    41. volchonok on

      Great. Any plans to cover the whole European Union ?

    42. TMATE fine teatools on

      Why do we not get a clear answer about the situation? We develope projects and should know what happens next. Everybody needs to plan cause we all invest a lot of time, money and energy. Which countries come next?

    43. Anthony Ruttgaizer on

      Fantastic news for creative folks in the UK to have Kickstarter available to them but I just cannot fathom how or why Canada hasn't been incorporated yet. Will the fine folks at Kickstarter PLEASE give us specific answers about what issues are keeping this from happening? And with more than just cheap platitudes, please tell us if it's something that will be resolved in the near future (within twleve months) or is the fact that SOME creators in Canada have found backdoor access to an American bank account enough of a stop-gap solution that Kickstarter has no plans to resolve the issue?

    44. Welldone Asyncron on

      Like a lot of other europeen people, i would like to know when KS will be available in the euro zone ?

    45. Missing avatar

      Luke Toyer on

      A very encouraging and welcome development for UK entrepreneurs and creative folks!! :-D