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Three weeks ago we moved into our very first office in the Lower East Side of NYC, and last night we hosted a hastily prepared office christening with some amazing New York-based Kickstarters.

We were too rapt in conversation to take pictures of the party (if you attended and did, let us know!), but we do have a handful of snapshots of the space to share.

This is the long table that everyone sits around all day (that’s Perry working):

We’re thinking this room eventually becomes a space to showcase awesome Kickstarter rewards. The incredible plush letters were made for us by creator Kit Geary.

There’s also a big back room with a ping-pong table (a start-up cliché but also a big part of Kickstarter’s legacy).

Best of all is the huge “PONG” sign, which came from a ping-pong club that was funded using Kickstarter.

The space is very much a work in progress, but it was exciting to share it with the Kickstarter community last night. Thanks to everyone who stopped by!


    1. Creator Mark Sheehan on December 9, 2011

      Enjoy following your progress & hoped to catch up while I'm in NYC from Australia....looks as if it'll need to be the next time around! Love your space, reminds me of the think tank guys who used to pop our wonderful kids materials at Educreative Systems thirty or so years ago from a Brwonstone in your neck of the woods... Mark Sheehan, "The Scent of a Dollar" Sydney Australia

    2. Creator chouer (deleted) on November 4

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    3. Creator Shiv Shambhu on February 13

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    4. Creator Shiv Shambhu on February 13

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