Kickstarter Heads to PAX East 2012

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We're heading back to PAX East this year, only this time, we've decided to bring along an incredible group of fellow Kickstarter creators and game projects! We're "rolling deep," as the kids say. They say that, right? 

To fit everyone under one roof, we're taking over Room 103 of the Boston Convention Center and turning it into the official Kickstarter Arcade. Inside, you'll find all manner of games, games, and more games! 

Stop by our space to play demos of RPGs, video games, board games, card games, and more. Highlights include a never-before-seen demo of Star Command, creator-led demos of Cards against HumanityCode HeroOrgan Trail, and Technoir, a game design workshop with Joshua A.C. Newman, a screening of Going Cardboard, and so much more. 

If you've been thinking about funding your own game on Kickstarter, we've also got a full schedule of lectures, discussions, and workshops led by successful creators and Kickstarter staff, and we're closing out the weekend with a Game Hackathon for all of you aspiring game developers and designers. Let's make something together, shall we?

As if that wasn't enough, there's more! We're moderating a panel about the impact of Kickstarter on the world of games with GeekDad's Matt Blum, Evil Hat Productions' Fred Hicks, 2PP Productions' Paul Levering, and Cards Against Humanity's Max Temkin. Where are independent games heading? We'll discuss and answer all your questions. (Sunday, 1:30 in the Wyvern Theater)

These limited edition buttons can be found only at the Kickstarter Arcade. Neato!
These limited edition buttons can be found only at the Kickstarter Arcade. Neato!

And finally, we miss you. We haven't seen you in possibly forever. We think that's just silly. So come on by, pick up some fun limited edition Kickstarter buttons and totes, and join us in celebrating an incredible roster of game makers who've made the games category on Kickstarter one of the most innovative, diverse, and exciting places to be. Check out the complete schedule below and see the full list of participating projects here

The Big Schedule:

    1. Greg Burhop on

      I wish I was in Boston for this. My board game project is launched right now!

    2. Dalibor Dimovski on

      What? Huh? For sure I'll be there! :)

    3. Gareth-Michael Skarka on

      Here's hoping that you do the same sort of thing at GenCon in August!

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      Namaku Keren on

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