Kickstarter Gift Guide, Part One

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When you put a gift under the tree, it's fun to know where it came from. Who made it? How'd they do it? The gifts below have some of the answers to those questions in common: they were all made with Kickstarter, with the help of thousands of backers. People put these ideas out into the world, other people supported them, and now they've come to life. It's sort of like Santa and his elves — Santa is the main dude, but he really needs his helpers to make things happen! 

We put together a few of our favorite projects that are worth wrapping up for your loved ones. There's a little something for everyone, and more to come next week. 

(Part two of this post here.)

What's a better way to start a gift guide than with the present? The Present Clock measures time by the year, not the day. Supported by 837 people on Kickstarter, and now available here

Kano lets kids (or anyone!) assemble their own computer and learn how it works. Supported by 13,387 people on Kickstarter and now available here.

The 3Doodler is a pen that lets you draw in three dimensions. Supported by 26,457 backers on Kickstarter and now available here

The Kone Coffee Filter + Brewing System is stainless steel filter and ceramic brewer set. Supported by 1,295 people on Kickstarter and now available here

Throne Watches give new life to old watches by pairing them with beautiful handmade leather straps. Supported by 211 people on Kickstarter and now available here.  

KitRex is a build-it-yourself paper velociraptor kit. Make a three-foot dinosaur of your own! Supported by 2,900 people on Kickstarter and now available here

Stream nostalgia with the Gramovox Bluetooth Gramophone. Supported by 927 people on Kickstarter and now available here

Rainbow Pencils let you create beautiful paper rainbows every time you sharpen them. Supported by 2,864 people on Kickstarter and now available here

The Lumio Book Lamp is a beautiful lamp that folds up into a book. Supported by 5,276 people on Kickstarter and now available here

Cozy up with a book under the Constellation Quilt, a handmade map of the stars (may we recommend a sci-fi novel, or perhaps a copy of Carl Sagan's Cosmos?) Supported by 958 people on Kickstarter and now available here.  

(Part two of this post here).

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      deleted on

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    2. Bex Sentance on

      So much awesome... but so expensive @_@ If only I could remotely afford a Book Lamp. Or a Constellation Quilt. Or a 3D pen. Goddamn it.

    3. Ronald Sutton

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      Russell Jones on

      Hey Bex, have a look at Haptic's "DIY quilt kits". You have to get the material, etc, yourself (it's just the pattern) but I'm pretty certain that'd be more easily affordable than the ready made ones.

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      Japhet Aloyce Kalegeya on

      Collaboration is very important, because it's the best way of reaching the targets, I love projects, and collaboration

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      Elena Lugovskaya on

      The best gift is the flowers from services like I like to send gifts.

    8. Shikha Jain on

      Awesome Ones..I love this "Kano Computer Kit" for Kids...Kinda a for Grown Kids :D

      If you would like to visit :- for Kids Stuffs...

    9. Smart Shyam on

      ha ha awss idea. lov ur all projects. U r making our time useful just like the other site I saw yesterday .

    10. Joal Vinoth on

      All the points mentioned in the article seem to be truth and it is worth reading. Truly had fun reading this post.

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      Namaku Keren on

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