Kickstarter-Funded Games Sweep Gen Con Awards

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The Games team brings glad tidings from Indianapolis! We’ve just recovered from Gen Con, the largest gathering of the tabletop games community in North America. This year’s event was extra special for us because two Kickstarted games took home top honors at two different award shows at the conference. We’d like to give a quick shout out to these games and every Kickstarter-funded game that was nominated and honored at Gen Con. If you were looking for an excuse to feel good for a little while, we give you permission to celebrate with us.

Mothership is a vast RPG with several components. The Pound of Flesh zine, which is a part of the Mothership RPG, was on Kickstarter as a part of ZineQuest. Sean McCoy is the co-founder of Tuesday Knight Games, co-designer of the Kickstarted classic Two Rooms and a Boom, and designer of Mothership. We strongly suggest checking out Sean’s recent blog post about Mothership and their wins to hear more about how community rallied around this small project that almost never was. The Mothership team Kickstarted A Pound of Flesh while they prepared for the arrival of Sean’s new baby!

Since 2001, Gen Con has hosted an award show known as the ENnies, where winners are chosen by online fan voting. Mothership: Dead Planet won the Silver ENnie for Best Adventure, while Mothership: Player’s Survival Guide won the Gold ENnie for Best Game, and was also nominated for Best Rules and Best Product.

In another equally exciting award, Starcossed by Alex Roberts won the Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming. The Diana Jones Award is a merit-based award whose winner is chosen by what can only be described as a secret, elite tabletop gaming cabal. The history of the award is interesting, and you should definitely read about it on the Diana Jones Award official page.

In Starcrossed, two players act out a scenario in which they’re super attracted to and/or in love with one another, with their romantic and/or sexual tension represented by a tower of blocks. Each time the characters flirt, wink, or take some kind of action toward each other, the tower loses blocks and slowly becomes more unsteady. If the tower falls before the end of the last scene of the game, your characters act on their feelings. This is exactly the kind of unique, genre-bending stuff we love over here at Kickstarter.

You know that feeling when someone from your hometown wins a sport, becomes a famous singer, grows the biggest pumpkin at the state fair, or just does something that makes you feel like incredible things are possible anywhere, and that maybe even you could do incredible things, even here? This is exactly that. We’re so proud to have been involved in the creation of these games in our own small way. There is definitely some very closely-neighboring alternate universe where these games wouldn’t have existed at all. So let’s take a moment to appreciate some more of the Kickstarter-funded games that were honored at Gen Con 2019.

More Kickstarter-Funded Award Winners 

Kids on Bikes by Infectious Play (Jon Gilmour): Gold ENnie for Best Family Game/Product

Cthulhu Mythos by Sandy Petersen: Golden ENnie for Best Monster/Adversary

Symbaroum by Fria Ligan: Gold ENnie for Best Layout and Design; Silver ENie for Best Art, Interior

Dialect by Thorny Games: Silver ENnie for Best Game & Best Game at the IGN Awards

KULT by Helmgast AB: Silver ENie for Best Art, Cover; Silver ENie for Best Art, Interior; Silver ENnie for Best Writing 

DungeonFog by DungeonFog: Silver Ennie for Best Aid/Accessory, Digital 

Invisible Sun Black Box by Monte Cook Games: Silver ENnie for Best Production Values 

Forbidden Lands by Fria Ligan: Gold ENnie for Best Cartography 

Fear's Sharp Little Needles by Stygian Fox Publishing: Silver ENnie for Best Electronic Book 

Dinosaur Princesses by Hamish Cameron: Silver ENnie for Best Family Game/Product

The Ultraviolet Grasslands by Exalted Funeral: Silver ENnie for Best Monster/Adversary 

Creature Codex: 5th Edition Monsters by Kobold Press: Silver ENnie for Best Free Game/Product 

The Black Hack by Peter Regan: Silver ENnie for Best Layout and Design