Kickstarter Creators Lifted by Amazon Launchpad

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Eleven million people from all over the world have now funded more than 100,000 creative projects on Kickstarter. Together they’ve marshaled the power of community to support independent voices, turned imaginative ideas into realities, and begun to shape the world around us. Creators behind hundreds of these projects are getting a lift today thanks to Amazon Launchpad — a program that helps startups and other creators launch, market, and distribute their products to hundreds of millions of customers across the globe.


Getting a creative idea off the ground is often just the first step. Amazon Launchpad is a chance for creators to be discovered by new audiences, and to serve those audiences well by using Amazon’s retail expertise and infrastructure. The program offers custom product pages, comprehensive marketing support, and access to Amazon’s global fulfillment network.

The Kickstarter community is known for coming together to support big, creative ideas at the earliest stages of development. This collection brings some of the most exciting products inspired by those ideas together in one place — from albums, books, and board games, to wearables, films, robotics kits, and beyond. Within the collection, we’ve surfaced several emerging themes to make it easier to find what will speak to you:


A number of Kickstarter creators have developed creative new approaches to teaching Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Piper stands out among them. After 1,375 people got behind the Minecraft-inspired computer kit on Kickstarter, Piper now inspires thousands more young creators to build, explore, and tinker with technology.

Always Be Learning

Many Kickstarter projects help kids and adults learn something new, or make something from scratch. Last year nearly 3,000 backers came together to bring JamStik to life — a portable guitar equipped with sensors designed to detect your finger placements and teach you how to play.

Exquisite Objects

Some projects are so well designed and produced that they elevate our perspectives, and bring beauty into our lives. The Great Discontent is one of those projects. Featuring intimate and insightful conversations about creativity, The Great Discontent is a beautifully conceived magazine celebrating artists, and their work.

Inventing the Future

Kickstarter creators often surprise us with their ability to invent imaginative products that make our future more lively, connected, and exciting. The team behind Prynt looked to the past to create a futuristic take on photo-sharing. By attaching your smartphone to Prynt, you can turn it into an instant camera — giving you beautiful, printed photos in seconds.


Public Benefit

Browsing our Public Benefit category will allow you to discover creative ideas that are pushing the world forward. MudWatt is a fun bio-energy experiment that sparks kids’ interest in the natural world, nurtures their creativity, and teaches them about clean energy by empowering them to grow their own living fuel cell from mud.

This is just the beginning.

At Kickstarter, we’re always looking for new ways to help independent creators survive and thrive. All creators who have brought their work to life with Kickstarter can apply to be part of our collection. If you’re interested in learning more about the program, just click here.