Kickstarter at San Diego Comic-Con

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For some of you this week may be just another sweltering week in July, but for fans of comics and pop culture, we all know July means one thing: San Diego Comic-Con.

It's Kickstarter's first time heading to SDCC, and we're pretty darn excited to share with you all the places where you'll find creators and projects, panels and screenings, and so much more. Check out the schedule below, and don't forget to pack light, drink lots of fluids, and keep your swords sheathed

Some panels you might like:

Thursday, July 12th

4:00-5:00 Womanthology — Last year's biggest comic book success on Kickstarter brings together some of the more than 170 creators who helped make Womanthology a reality, including Trina Robbins (The Brinkley Girls), Kelly Turnbull (Ugly Americans Season 1), Jean Kang (In Every Heart a Masterwork), Bonnie Burton (You Can Draw Star Wars), Ma'at Crook (Womanthology), Cassandra James (The Gathering), Jolene Houser (Dusk Vol. 2), Jody Houser (Everwell), and editor Mariah Huehner (Womanthology). Moderated by Womanthology contributor Barbara Kesel (TokyoPop's Legends of the Dark Crystal). Room 25ABC

Friday, July 13th

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7:00-8:00 Stripped: The Comics Documentary — After a highly successful project last year, join the directors, twice Eisner-nominated Dave Kellett and twice Sundance-nominated Frederick Schroeder, and editor Ben Waters for exclusive sneak peeks of the film, a Q&A, and news of one secret participant that comics fans will go nuts for. Room 25ABC

8:30-9:30 Space Command: Bold Adventures in the Far Reaches of Space — This currently funding project is helmed by science fiction legends Marc Scott Zicree (Star Trek: The Next Generation), Doug Drexler (Battlestar Galactica), Neil Johnson (Humanity's End), Michael Reaves (Star Wars, Batman), and Ian McCaig (Star Wars). They'll premiere footage from the highly anticipated epic adventure series that spans 200 years of Galactic History. Stars Doug Jones (Pan's Labyrinth), Katherine McEwan (Humanity's End), Christina Moses (Star Trek New Voyages), and Amber Benson (Buffy) discuss their roles. The visionary team gives you an early look at the stunning character design and visual effects, plus the epic score from David Raiklen. Inspired by heroic science fiction of the '50s. Room 5AB

Saturday, July 14th

3:30-4:30 Kickstarter Changes Comics — We're joining longtime comics fan, writer, and publisher Paul Levitz (Legion of Super-Heroes, Worlds' Finest) as he leads a discussion of the way Kickstarter affects the future of the comics field. Panelists include Cindy Au (Director of Community, Kickstarter), Vijaya Iver (publisher, Cartoon Books), Batton Lash (writer/artist, Supernatural Law, The Monsters Meet on Court Street), and Jimmy Palmiotti (writer, Queen Crab, Retrovirus). Room 26AB

6:30-7:30 Gaming Kickstarter — Gaming industry veterans Oded Sharon (developer for Leisure Suit Larry), Chris Jones (Tex Murphy), Chris Pope (Two Guys from Andromeda: SpaceVenture), Jordan Weisman (Shadowrun), and Chris Avellone (Wasteland 2) discuss the new development model in gaming: Kickstarter! Join them as they discuss the ins-and-outs of the process, challenges, and lessons learned in creating a new generation of games for gamers through the Kickstarter model. Strategies, fan input, and advice for other projects are all on the table-learn firsthand what you can do to get your dream project funded! Room 7AB

8:00-9:00 Occupy Comics: Activism, Kickstarter, and Comics — Get the story behind the historic Occupy Comics project that inspired dozens of top comics pros to take a stand, bummed out Frank Miller, and brought Alan Moore and David Lloyd back together in the same book for the first time since the Occupy-inspiring V for Vendetta. Organizational spearhead Matt Pizzolo (Godkiller, president Halo-8) will be joined by contributors Steve Niles (30 Days of Night), Tyler Crook (Petrograd, B.P.R.D.), Brea Grant and Zane Grant (We Will Bury You, Suicide Girls), Joshua Dysart (Swamp Thing, The Unknown Soldier), Zoetica Ebb (Biorequiem), Mark L. Miller (The Jungle Book), and other special guests to discuss counterculture art, creating activist comics without being annoying, and tips on how to fundraise for your own comics. Room 4

Sunday, July 15th

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12:00-1:00 Espenson: an Anagram for Openness — Writer Jane Espenson (Once Upon a Time, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Battlestar Galactica, Game of Thrones, Husbands) discusses past and current work with moderator Jenna Busch (Zap2It), including what's in store for Season 2 of her recently-funded web series Husbands. Room 7AB

Artists and exhibitors you should visit:

Ben Templesmith (Booth #1131) - The artist behind 30 Days of Night and Fell is currently lending his talents to the TOME project, a collection of vampire-inspired art compiled by a crazy-impressive lineup of creators. Find this man and shake his hand.  

The Kingdom of Loathing (Booth #1431) - This superb browser-based RPG recently funded both a KoL-inspired comic book and an ambitious new game called Word Realms. Impressive!

Steve Ellis and David Gallaher (Booth #2206) - The team behind The Only Living Boy will be signing copies and creating original art for fans. 

Eliza Frye (DD-07) - Meet the talented and Eisner-nominated graphic novelist behind the Regalia project. 

Womanthology (BB-09, BB-10) - If you missed the panel (or even if you didn't), be sure to visit the many talented artists of Womanthology

A show you should go to: 

Marian Call live at Space Traveler's Emporium: While there may be plenty of big parties and celebrations all around town, we think your best bet would be to check out Marian Call on Saturday night. She's a nerdy crooner from Alaska (hi, Alaska!) who's out to play a show everywhere in the world, ever. She even wrote a song about Kickstarter, so you know she's legit (it kicks in at 1:42 in the vid below):

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And...that can't possibly be it, but that is all I can fit into this one tiny blog post. Dearest SDCC friends, if you're going to be out and about in your finest costumery, exhibiting your most splendid wares and creations, or just want to say hello, tell us where we can find you in the comments below. I will also be running to and fro all weekend, doing my darndest to keep up with the amazing lot of you, so feel free to send a signal flare on twitter (@shinyee_au) and I will find you and possibly buy you a milkshake. 

    1. Leif Sawyer on

      Alaska says HI!

    2. Richard Stevens on

      I'll be there, too! Booth #1335 under "Dumbrella." Viva Kickstarter!

    3. Batton Lash on

      Visit Exhibit A Press (booth 1909) at Comic-Con to see the new Supernatural Law book, "The Monsters Meet on Court Street," made possible by pledges via Kickstarter!

    4. Marc Zicree on

      And everyone is invited to SPACE COMMAND's Countdown Party as our Campaign closes!
      PARTY: Saturday July 14th 6pm-9pm Embassy Suites - Monterey Ballroom
      Free Admission/ No Badge Neccessary/ Cash Bar- Hot Appetizers.

    5. 2HC on

      In celebration of Comic-Con Preview night, Two-Headed Cop launched it's Kickstarter campaign and is present at Booth #2445. You can find more at our Film Production Blog, Hope to see you on the floor. Enjoy!

    6. Chris Radcliff on

      Sweet. I won't be at Comic-Con itself, but I'll definitely be at Marian's concert and possibly at the Doctor Who Tumblr meetup on Saturday. (

      Oh, and I heard there's a screening of the Kickstarter-funded L5 (hard science fiction TV) pilot on Saturday.

    7. Dan Lief on

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    8. Oded Sharon on

      Was fun seeing you at SDCC Cindy!

    9. OH Comics! on

      Who is the moderator of the comic book projects?

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      Namaku Keren on

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