Kickstarter at CES: Friends Old and New

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The Consumer Electronics Show is so big that it no longer fits into the main convention center in Las Vegas. There's another show floor down the street at the Sands, and a big chunk of it, called Eureka Park, is set aside for startups. We spent a lot of time there last week, because Kickstarter creators took up nearly a quarter of the booths!

The 102 creators who were at CES raised more than $50 million on Kickstarter. We had such a great time stopping by the booths of old friends and making new ones. Here are some highlights from the floor.

The WobbleWorks team launched their 3Doodler 2.0 project at CES, and decorated their booth with lots of amazing things that people have “drawn” with a 3Doodler…

...including this dress, which was the work of two design students in Hong Kong.

The folks at ProtoPlant are running a project to make 3D printing material that conducts electricity. They showed it off by printing a game controller that connects to a MaKey MaKey and lets you play drums.

Janelle Wang and Peter Treadway of Acton RocketSkates let the public try out the skates for the first time. The public did so, very carefully.

The RocketSkates app lets you find people near you who also have the skates, so you can rocket together. PicoBrew, which makes home beer-brewing machines, does the same thing on its site: live updates showing what’s brewing where.

Speaking of PicoBrew, Greg White let us try a fresh batch from their Zymatic brewing machine, which is pioneering the Internet of Beer. Tasty!

John got his head scanned by Occipital's Structure Sensor, a 3D scanner that snaps onto the back of an iPad. (Action figures coming soon.)

And he also checked out the new design of the Avegant Glyph, a pair of headphones with a video player inside that tricks your eyes into thinking you’re looking at a giant screen.

We also saw Tony Hawk ride a Boosted Board, danced with dinosaurs in a demo of the latest Oculus Rift prototype, and celebrated a batch of project launches, including LyteShot, Vikaura Screen, and Listnr.

All in all, quite a week! Maybe we’ll see you in Vegas next year.

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